Kim Sønderholm

Trailer, Poster, and Stills for William Instone's Serial Slasher Jon

There is a new official trailer plus several stills and a poster available for William Instone's upcoming serial slasher Jon. The film opens in a limited release in Texas on February 12 and will then venture out to find DVD distribution. Synopsis: Who says imaginary friends are harmless?

The South Will Rise Again in Civil War Ghost Story Blood Fare

The one-sheet and first teaser trailer for writer/director J.A. Steel's Blood Fare, a Civil War ghost story with a modern twist, have found their way online, and of course we had to share. The film stars Gil Gerard, aka "Buck Rogers". Synopsis:

Trailer, Stills, and Artwork for Norwegian Horror Film Inside the Whore

You never know what country the next horror hit might hail from. France? Germany? The UK? If the power-that-be behind Inside the Whore have their way, it'll be Norway! From the Press Release:

Lock Up Your Fears in The Horror Vault 3

In the mood to watch something new but don't have a lot of time to spend in one sitting? Then check out the third and final installment of The Horror Vault Trilogy, which is out on DVD now and contains five separate tales of terror and depravity.

Trailer and Stills for Bleed With Me

The Danish Film Rovdrift, also known as Bleed With Me, has been under way for three years now. And what better way to let the world know that it's finally finished than to unveil the trailer and some juicy stills?