Kim Peirce

Carrie Shows Her Momma Some Mother's Day Love

Margaret White has an extraordinary relationship with her daughter, Carrie. So much so that the supernatural little scamp has created this wonderful animated Mother's Day card just for her! Check it out!

New UK Carrie Poster Stares into Your Soul

A new one-sheet for the upcoming remake of the Stephen King classic tale of Carrie has arrived from our friends across the pond. Yes, it's not exactly anything we haven't seen, but hey... it's Wednesday. Don't know what that has to do with anything, but whatever, ya know?

New Carrie Stills Usher You Through the Crowd

Two new official stills from the upcoming remake of the Stephen King classic tale of Carrie have arrived, and they're home to one big bad mama. Check out the goodies right here, and whatever you do... don't laugh at this chick!

40 Faces of Fear in Carrie Trailer Image Gallery

The trailer for Carrie has arrived and we've watched it up, down, and sideways. Along the way we also nabbed you a boatload of stills. Sit back, and be on your best behavior or else.... THEY'RE ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU!

The Official Trailer for Carrie Arrives!

No more waiting. No more teasing. You wanted the whole trailer for Carrie? Well now you've got it! Get those buckets of pig's blood ready, kids! Oh, and you may wanna have a fire extinguisher on hand too!

Carrie Trailer Tomorrow! Carrie Trailer Teaser NOW!

It's kind of a no-brainer that Sony will be releasing the first full trailer for Carrie at the same time Evil Dead is heading into theatres. While the whole enchilada will be here tomorrow, you can dig on a sneak peek of it now courtesy of Entertainment Tonight!

No One's Gonna Laugh at this New Image from Carrie

The wait for Kimberly Peirce's take on the classic Stephen King tale Carrie is proving to be especially long, and these cool new teaser images aren't making it any better. Check out this new still and become even more sweaty with anticipation!

Carrie Lacks Basic Knowledge of Human Anatomy and Behavior

If there's one area that young Carrie White is lacking in, it's the basic understanding of her ... umm ... private parts! And we're not the only ones who notice it either. In fact, you can check out her report card right now. We can almost hear the kids shouting, "Plug it up! Plug it up!"

Kick-Ass Fan-Made Carrie Poster Making the Rounds

A new one-sheet for Carrie is making the rounds online, but there's one hitch... it is fan-made. You guys are so tricky sometimes. Either way, it's cool enough to give you a gander at so dig it!

Carrie Redux Jumps to October

Despite some positive test screening buzz, the upcoming take on the Stephen King classic Carrie has been bumped from its March premiere date for a more chilling October release. That being said, you can now look for Kim Peirce's flick on October 18th.

New Viral Examines What Carrie Has Been Reading

The viral madness continues in support of the upcoming take on the Stephen King classic Carrie, and now we have a good idea just what young Miss White was reading before her telekinetic meltdown.

Book Excerpt Examines Carrie's Relationship with Mom

The wondrous bounty of viral madness continues for Carrie as an excerpt from the e-book version of The Shadow Exploded by David R. Congress, with the caption “If only Margaret could have understood her daughter…” has landed online.

Shed Some Light on Carrie's Mom

Anyone who knows anything at all about young Carrie White can attest to the fact that her mother, Margaret, is batshit crazy; and we wouldn't have her any other way! Get to know Mom in this latest viral image!

Carrie Director Kimberly Peirce Talks the Carrie Climax

Carrie director Kimberly Peirce recently sat down for an interview with Spinoff Online regarding her version for the climactic ending of her upcoming retelling of the classic Stephen King tale, and we've got the skinny for you right here.

So What Does Mama Say About Carrie?

Time for some more viral goodies courtesy of the Carrie Facebook page. Holy cow, we cannot wait to see the lovely young Ms. White go on her blood-soaked rampage. Check out the latest lunacy right now!