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Sneak Peek at Aja's Mirrors!

Just found a couple of new stills and cool behind-the-scenes look at Alexandre Aja’s Mirrors in my inbox, and since Fox has been so cool about sharing info with us on the flick, I thought we’d share ‘em with you guys!

Dark City, Bright DVD

If you're in the camp who believe Alex Proyas' Dark City was severely underrated compared to the Hot Topic nightmare known as The Matrix, then you are not alone. The late '90s release of Dark City on DVD was less than what we fans hoped for, and a decade later we're still waiting for justice.

Aja Reflects On Mirrors

The idea of yet another Asian horror remake, especially from a French director, doesn’t exactly thrill anyone. But it’s a different story when the man pulling the strings is Alexandre Aja.

First Look at Aja's Mirrors

Well, it’s not the most exciting first look, but it’s something, right? Today the Spanish site Aullidos got the first look at Mirrors, the latest remake of Hills Have Eyes redux director Alexandre Aja.