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Maggie Grace Signs on to the STILL Untitled Kevin Williamson Pilot for Fox

With a cast that includes the likes of Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, and now the formerly "Lost" Maggie Grace, you'd think Kevin Williamson and Fox would pick a damn title for their new serial killer drama already!

Nico Tortorella Joins Kevin Williamson's Still Untitled Project for Fox TV and Provides Massive Update

And the cast of Fox TV's still untitled new project being put together by Kevin Williamson continues to grow, and one of the newest additions has provided a "mega" update on the series via his website that includes a full casting breakdown.

No Scream 5 for Kevin Williamson

Remember all the "controversy" surrounding the last film in Wes Craven's much beloved Scream franchise? On-set tensions were highly touted just about everywhere as news of that and anything else you could think of came pouring in. We're sure about 95% of it was bullshit, but that remaining 5%...

Justified's Natalie Zea Stalked By Kevin Williamson's Latest Serial Killer

Add another name to the ever growing list of actors clamoring for a spot on Kevin Williamson's new show for Fox. Who's next to be stalked and hopefully die horribly at the hands of a maniac? Read on for details.

Kevin Williamson's New Project for Fox Gains Two More Cast Members

With a cast that's growing almost daily, you'd think they'd come up with a title for Kevin Williamson's new project for Fox TV. But in any event, here are the latest two names on the roster: Shawn Ashmore and Valorie Curry.

James Purefoy Joins Kevin Williamson's New Project for Fox

As if we weren't excited enough about Kevin Williamson's still untitled new project for Fox TV, which stars Kevin Bacon, now comes word as to whom Bacon will be facing off against. Read on for the details!

Fox Lands Kevin Bacon as Star of Kevin Williamson-Penned Pilot

Talk about star power! It's looking like Kevin Bacon will be playing the good guy in the still untitled new Kevin Williamson project for Fox.

Kevin Williamson Has a Serial Killer Cult on Tap for Fox

Kevin Williamson remains a go-to resource for the networks to look to for quality genre programming, and the man who never sleeps has yet another one cooking. One that involves a whole lot of murder!

Andrew Miller Previews The Secret Circle Episode 1.05 - Slither; Series Given Full Season Order

In what should come as no surprise to anyone, The CW has announced a full season order for its rookie series "The Secret Circle". If you're a fan of the show, why not celebrate by watching the just released preview of tomorrow night's Episode 1.05, "Slither", hosted by executive producer Andrew Miller?

Exec Producer Julie Plec Introduces The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.05 - The Reckoning

It's the day before a new episode of "The Vampire Diaries" airs, and you know what that means: Executive Producer Julie Plec gives us her personal preview of what we can expect. It's Prank Night in Mystic Falls so buckle up, kids! It's sure to be a rough ride!

Image Gallery for The Secret Circle Episode 1.05 - Slither

Things are definitely heating up on "The Secret Circle" what with one member of the Circle having been, shall we say, "tainted" by the events of last week. Check out this new image gallery from the upcoming episode, "Slither", to see if it provides any clues as to the cure.

A Clip and New Images from The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.05 - The Reckoning

With such an ominous title as "The Reckoning", we're almost dreading this week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries". But just "almost" as there's no way we'd miss out on what's already becoming one of the series' best seasons yet! To help build the fans' anticipation even more for the ep, The CW has released several photos and a new clip featuring road buddies Damon and Katherine. Check them all out!

A Preview of The Secret Circle Episode 1.05 - Slither

If you've been watching "The Secret Circle", then you must have been as happy as we were at the turn of events last night. Finally some black magic and even a demon reared their ugly heads, and it did nothing but help the show. Hopefully such events will continue next week; check out this teaser trailer from Episode 1.05, "Slither", and let us know what you think.

A Preview of The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.05 - The Reckoning

From the title it sounds like "The Reckoning", Episode 3.05 of "The Vampire Diaries", could be the ep in which Klaus and Stefan finally come to the end of their odd yet entertaining bromance. Or maybe not ... fans of the show are well aware of how nothing's as it seem. Let's see if this preview sheds any light on things.

Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson Preview The Secret Circle Episode 1.04 - Heather; Two New Clips Surface

Curious about how high the danger levels of where "The Secret Circle" is headed might reach? Then you'll want to check out this preview of tonight's Episode 1.04, "Heather", hosted by executive producers Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson. We also have two new clips from the ep along with a promo video that highlights what critics are saying about the show.