Kevin Smith

Stan Lee Gets Fit for Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers

As he recently announced, Yoga Hosers will be the second film in Kevin Smith's Canada-set "True North Trilogy," which kicks off this year with Tusk. Now that principal photography is under way, Smith has revealed that an old friend is along for the ride. Read on!

New Tusk Poster Offers Spoilers

Over the weekend I was called a "14 year old moron" on Facebook for writing a story about characters from Kevin Smith's Tusk appearing in his new movie, Yoga Hosers. Said reader thought I let loose a major spoiler. Yeah, he was wrong, I didn't spoil anything... but this next story will have him losing his shit! Or at least I hope it will for spite!

Johnny Depp and Kevin Smith Team for Yoga Hosers

Kevin Smith has really been stretching his legs in the horror genre lately, and he has another on the way. This time he'll be pairing with mega-star Johnny Depp on a new horror comedy entitled Yoga Hosers! Read on for the first details.

#SDCC14: Kevin Smith to Channel Spielberg with Upcoming Film Moose Jaws

Whether you love him or hate him, you simply have to respect Kevin Smith for the direction he's currently taking with his career, where he's decided to make movies that only he can make.

#SDCC14: See the Trailer for Kevin Smith's Tusk Straight from Hall H

Looking both somewhat spooky and slightly silly (what else would you expect?), the official trailer for Kevin Smith's Tusk has slipped out of the hallowed Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, and we have a look at it right here for you. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

#SDCC14: First Tusk Still Talks Things Out; Release News!

To further get you cats pumped for Kevin's Smith's Tusk, which will be having its trailer premiere at next week's San Diego Comic-Con, A24 Films has released the first still from the flick, which features your first look at stars Justin Long and Michael Parks.

Official Poster Debut for Kevin Smith's Tusk

Excited for Kevin's Smith's Tusk, heading our way this fall from A24 Films? If you'll be at San Diego Comic-Con in a few weeks, you'll be able to watch the trailer debut, but in the meantime we can all enjoy the film's official poster.

Kevin Smith's Yoga-Hosers Will be a Tusk Spin-Off

Though it hasn't even been released yet, Kevin Smith's Tusk is already set to get the spin-off treatment as the director seemingly embarks on a quest to make as many crazy movies as he possibly can. Read on for all the details!

Justin Long Gets Bloody on the Set of Kevin Smith's Tusk

Kevin Smith took to Instagram to reveal a behind-the-scenes image from his movie Tusk, which features a look at a very bloody Justin Long. We like when Long is bloody. He was pretty neat when his peepers were removed too.

Kevin Smith's Comes the Krampus Renamed Anti-Claus; XYZ Films Selling International Rights

We recently told you about Kevin Smith's new holiday horror anthology film that embraces the European child-eating Christmas creature known as The Krampus, and now it has a new title and international sales agent. Read on for the details!

AMC Developing Walking Dead Companion Show, New Chris Carter Area 51 Series, Plus Pilots Involving Exorcism, the Occult, and More!

TV's 2014 Upfront presentations are currently under way, and while the horror news has been light so far, today it was AMC's turn, and they have several projects in development that caught our eye.

Sony Pictures Feels the Wrath of Kevin Smith's Tusk

A couple short weeks after Kevin Smith's Tusk picked up international distribution, it has now found its way into most of the remaining territories, including the UK and Canada. Details await!

From Kevin Smith Comes the Krampus

Although Kris Kringle gets all the love, here at Dread Central we're big fans of the Krampus. The character just doesn't get enough love, I tell ya! In any event, Kevin Smith thinks so, too, and he's gearing up to tell the mythical beast's tale like never before.

XYZ Films Sends Kevin Smith's Tusk International

Though we still don't yet know when those of us here in the States will be hooked by Kevin Smith's Tusk, international sale details have just been sent our way, courtesy of XYZ Films. Read on for all the info...

Jesus Christ! Kevin Smith Is Directing ANOTHER Horror Movie?

For those wondering why I invoked the name of one of the holiest of holys in the headline of this story, it's because Tusk and Red State director Kevin Smith just announced via his Facebook page that he's gearing up for yet another religion-based horror flick, Helena Handbasket.