Kenneth Mitchell

Preview of and Clip from Grimm Episode 1.21 - Big Feet

The Bigfoot legend finally makes an appearance on this week's episode of "Grimm", titled, appropriately enough, "Big Feet", and along with a sasquatch-type character, fans of the show will be treated to a guest starring turn by Roger Bart (Hostel: Part II, The Midnight Meat Train). Check out the preview and a clip introduced by the Grimm himself.

A Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 1.15 - Island of Dreams; Another Guest Star on the Way

"Grimm" returns to NBC this Friday, March 30th, and we've got a sneak peek of the upcoming Episode 1.15, "Island of Dreams", along with news of a new guest star we'll be seeing during the May sweeps.

Syfy Pairs Danica McKellar and Apolo Ohno to Do Battle with a Tasmanian Devil

It's not quite as auspicious as the Debbie Gibson/Tiffany pairing they gave us previously, but Syfy is teaming Winnie Cooper from "Wonder Years" with a "Dancing with the Stars" champ for its upcoming Tasmanian Devil made-for-TV film. Read on for the details!