Ken Levine

Concept Art Reveals BioShock Movie That Almost Was

News of a planned BioShock feature film came to a screeching halt last year when Irrational’s Ken Levine revealed that the project was dead in the water. At that point in time, Gore Verbinski had been attached to direct, but Universal apparently got cold feet about pumping so much money into an R-rated flick.

Who Watched the Watchmen Kill the BioShock Movie?

Here we are the week before the release of BioShock Infinite, and once again some slight chatter about the long proposed BioShock feature film has arisen. However, there's no good news here. In fact it's just an explanation of the bad.

BioShock Film Adaptation Deemed a Floater

Back in May we wrote up a story from Industry Gamers stating that hopeful fans shouldn't be writing off the possibility of a movie version of the popular video game franchise BioShock. That was then ...

Don't Write Off That BioShock Movie Yet

Another movie we've been hearing about for a long while now is that BioShock adaptation. As time passes, so does the likelihood of seeing a big screen exploration of Rapture, although we're hearing today that we shouldn't count a movie version out just yet.