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UPDATE: Porn Diva Jenna Jameson Spreads the Red in Island of the Damned

Over the years we've watched Jenna Jameson spread lots of things, but this time it looks as if she's set to get all sticky in a far different manner. That's right, kids! Jameson (Zombie Strippers) just might be tangoing with the undead again very soon.

New Stills: 2012: Apocalypse of the Dead (Zone of the Dead)

Having enjoyed a recent VOD run, the folks behind 2012: Apocalypse of the Dead (or Zone of the Dead or whatever they finally decide to call it) have put into our hands some rotting new stills for you!

Zone of the Dead Gets a Name Change and a VOD Launch

We all love movies about zombies, but when Ken Foree is part of the team kicking undead ass, it's just a million times sweeter. We've been talking about Milan Konjevic's latest undead bash, Zone of the Dead, for a while now, and the time has come for you guys to see it for yourselves.

D.C. Sniper (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Ken Foree, Ulli Lommel, Chris Kriesa, Tory N. Thompson Directed by Ulli Lommel

Bad Boys 2, Ken Foree, Ulli Lommel, DC Sniper

News that Ken Foree is starring in a movie about the DC Sniper shootings would normally prove promising. Except DC Sniper is the latest from Ulli Lommel, the master of plotless, no-budget, factually inaccurate, pseudo-art exploitation flicks about real-life mass murderers. On the plus side, this does not look like the typical artsy-fartsy crappola we've come to expect from Lommel. On the other hand, just wait until you see the trailer. Oh, my.

Ken Foree Facing Down the Wrath of the Dead

Though Zone of the Dead hasn't been released here in the States as of yet, that hasn't stopped the film's makers to get busy on setting up a sequel and bringing back everyone's favorite zombie ass-whipper Ken Foree in the process!

Kristina Klebe Mash-Up Yields Zone of the Dead Footage

Here at Dread Central we love us some Kristina Klebe. Arguably she was one of the best parts of Rob Zombie's Halloween, and now that she's fighting zombies in Zone of the Dead, we couldn't be happier -- if not strangely aroused by the sight of her with a shotgun. *Ahem* ... Speaking of which, a music video mash-up featuring Kristina just popped up online, and in it you'll find some cool footage of her taking care of zombie business among other things!

Ulli Lommel Has Ken Foree Sniping and Frankenstein Wrestling

Could it be that after years of making no-budget, nearly plotless, factually inaccurate, pseudo-art films based on the exploits of real-life mass murders (like Nightstalker, review here), Ulli Lommel is actually about to try his hand at making a real motion picture, albeit still a really low budget and possibly factually inaccurate film based on a real-life serial killer? How else does one explain Ken Foree signing on to star in Lommel's take on the DC Sniper?

Live Evil's New Theatrical Teaser Poster

As we reported previously, Jay Woelfel's Live Evil will have a 300-screen theatrical release starting September 18th, as well as being available on DVD and OnDemand November 3rd. To honor the occasion, the film also has a spiffy new teaser poster.

Live Evil Scores Premiere in Las Vegas

We reported earlier that Jay Woelfel's Live Evil had won an theatrical release of 300 screens starting September 18th, as well as a DVD release in mid-November. There's been an update to this story, in that we recently learned that the film is also getting a premiere at the Sci-Fi Center in Las Vegas.

Live Evil Coming to Theatres This September!

As proof that sometimes the little guy does indeed get a break, we got word this morning that Jay Woelfel's indie film Live Evil has gotten itself theatrical distribution.

Zone of the Dead Trailer Now Live!

Who wouldn't be down to see Ken Foree kicking some new zombie ass? Well that's exactly what we're going to get from Milan Konjevic's latest undead bash, Zone of the Dead, and we now have a trailer for you to sink your teeth into!

New Trailer for Live Evil

In the future vampires and creatures less than vampires fight one another for the honor of feasting on the last remaining pureblooded humans. You see, anything that can possibly change our blood makes it instantly undrinkable for a vampire. At least that’s the future according to Jay Woelfel’s Live Evil.

Dawn of the Dead (1979)

"When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth" – tagline for the ages

Brotherhood of Blood (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Jason Connery, Ken Foree, Sid Haig, Victoria Pratt Directed by Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment