Kelsey Zukowski

Ghostly Horrors Lurk Within These Walls

A new tale of haunting terror has hit our radar, and even though it's still seeking funds via Indie GoGo, it intrigued us enough to get our attention. Read on for your first look at and word of Within These Walls.

Words Like Knives Short Film Explores Everyday Horrors

Plenty of films deal with serial killers, alien invasions and marauding monsters - all fun stuff and great fodder for horror. The upcoming short Words Like Knives takes a more psychological approach, working in topics like bullying and mental cruelty. These are things that many individuals deal with on a daily basis, and they make great subjects for a horror film.

Update and New Trailer for Echo Lake

When we first heard about Echo Lake last December, it was slated to be a web series, but things have changed as co-writer (with Kelsey Zukowski) and director Jonathan Moody now tells us it's turned into a feature. They're in the midst of fundraising to finish shooting this winter, and to help move things along in that regard, they've released a new trailer.

First Official Image and Set Photos - K.M. Jamison's Inhumane

Every since word broke about K.M. Jamison's latest short film Inhumane, we've been wondering just how inhumane the events in the flick would get. Judging from the first stills, we'd say very.

First Still and Sexy New Artwork - What They Say

Sometimes there is no greater horror than that which we harbor inside ourselves. Such is the case with Justin R. Romine's latest indie effort, What They Say. Read on for details! From the Press Release:

First Details and Artwork for K.M. Jamison's Inhumane Short Film

Here we are smack in the middle of "Indie Horror Month", and info on an upcoming independent short film project entitled Inhumane just landed in our inbox. Talk about perfect timing! And they even included some eye candy for us to share along with the plot details. Synopsis:

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at New Webseries Echo Lake

Filmmaker Jonathan Moody, who is in the works on horror webseries "Scream Queen Campfire" and the horror anthology Trick or Eat, has created another new webseries being planned to debut April 12th, 2011, called "Echo Lake". It's a horror mystery thriller about a small town beset by a relentless serial killer. Anyone can be a suspect, and anyone can also be a victim.