Keith David

Horror Burns in the Union Furnance

Sometimes we're sent in a trailer so trippy and weird that it makes it impossible for us to not share it with you cats. Such is the case with director Nicholas Bushman's new film, Union Furnace. Check it out.

Freezing Folks Frightened in New Still From The Inheritance

A new still from The Inheritance has slipped online featuring a few cast members either very scared or freezing to death. Our guess? A little of both! Dig it!

Interviews and Photos from the Pan African Film Fest Premiere of The Inheritance

Dread hit the Los Angeles premiere of director Robert O’Hara’s Gothic horror-thriller The Inheritance this past Friday night at the Culver Plaza Theatre and brought back exclusive interviews with the film’s vivacious producer Effie T. Brown as well as with the feature’s star Keith David (John Carpenter’s The Thing).

Demons Watching Over The Inheritance

Playing next Friday at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA, is a new horror tale rife with demonic family values. Just the kind we like!

Trailer: Indie Feature My Place in the Horror

A new trailer has hit online for the upcoming indie effort My Place in the Horror, and while the trailer itself is damned interesting, it has really reminded me what an incredible voice actor Keith David has. This dude should be narrating EVERYTHING!

Keith David Finds His Place in the Horror

Nothing better than a planned family gathering getting all evil because of an ancient pact your elders made with a sprit of their ancestor, know what I mean?

Locusts: The 8th Plague (2005)

Starring Dan Cortese, Julie Benz, David Keith, Jeff Fahey Directed by Ian Gilmour In conjunction with President Bush's "No Cliché Left Behind" Act of 2001, the United Film Organization and the Sci-Fi Channel proudly present their latest original production, Locusts: The 8th Plague. Let's run down the checklist of clichés: Genetically engineered menace: CHECK