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Incredible Beetlejuice Minecraft Rollercoaster

Here at Dread Central we applaud creativity. We especially applaud horror-themed creativity. Millions of gamers have spent hour upon hour playing the hit video game sensation Minecraft. One user in particular, a fan of Beetlejuice, just hit the creativity ball out of the park.

It's Showtime for Seth Grahame-Smith and Beetlejuice 2

Writer Seth Grahame-Smith took to his Twitter account today to tease Beetlejuice fans with his plans for the next installment in the afterlife of the much beloved ghost with the most. Check it out!

Tim Burton, Winona Ryder and Catherine O'Hara Reflect on Beetlejuice, Tease Beetlejuice 2

Dread Central was on hand for the Frankenweenie junket held at Disneyland, where we had a chance to speak with many of the voices behind the delightful flick as well as the man himself who first envisioned this tale of a boy and his dog almost 30 years ago now- Tim Burton.

Winona Ryder Not Ready to Call for Beetlejuice

We've all been hearing about a new Beetlejuice movie for a while now, and finally Winona Ryder has added her two far less than enthusiastic cents to the matter at hand. Read on for the details.

More Beetlejuice 2 Details Come to Light

Wondering what's going on with the long talked about sequel to the smash horror comedy Beetlejuice? Well wonder no longer, kids. Read on for all the details fit to print.

Seth Grahame-Smith to Spend an Unholy Night with Beetlejuice and Tim Burton

Well, not really, but damnit, that headline makes us laugh! Read on for the latest concerning Beetlejuice 2, Night of the Living, Tim Burton and much more. Dig it!

Michael Keaton Meets About Beetlejuice 2

Could it be? Could it actually be? Movement on a possible sequel to the much beloved flick Beetlejuice! Dare we get slightly excited? Read on for the latest

Tim Burton Talks Beetlejuice ... Beetlejuice ... Beetlejuice!

Is Beetlejuice joining the annoying ranks of such film projects as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Ghostbusters 3? It's sure starting to feel that way. At least today we get to hear from the director himself.

Talk of a Beetlejuice Sequel Won't Go Away

Right behind Ghostbusters III in terms of sequels that need to be put out to pasture and shot is Beetlejuice II. A movie even Tim Burton has no interest in making ... and have you looked at his output over the last ten years? But that's not stopping KatzSmith Productions partners David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith from desperately trying to get another one off the ground.

KatzSmith Productions Acquires Film Rights to Doug Dorst's Alive in Necropolis

Another book to film adaptation is on its way, and finally it's one that appears to be geared toward adults rather than the ubiquitous tweener crowd. Read on for the details of KatzSmith Productions' acquisition of Doug Dorst's Alive in Necropolis, set in the "cemetery city" of Colma, California.

Say it With Us Now ... Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! A Sequel Finally on the Horizon

Everyone's favorite "Ghost with the Most" is officially on its way back. After years of promising, endless chatter, and lots of hoping, there's finally some solid news to report on about the long proposed sequel to Beetlejuice!