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Piranha 3DD Pulled From UK Theatrical Schedule and Heading Straight to DVD

A bit of odd news coming out of the UK: The John Gulager directed sequel to Alexandre Aja's Piranha has been pulled from the UK's theatrical release schedule and will be heading straight to DVD across the pond on March 19th, 2012.

Actor Boris Kodjoe Still Perplexed by the Unusually Twisted Nature of Nurse 3D

There are times when doing this job that you can sense an actor has been prepped by a studio with a formulaic response to questions regarding a particular production. Our recent chat with actor Boris Kodjoe on the set of Resident Evil: Retribution regarding Lionsgate's upcoming thriller Nurse 3D was the complete antithesis of a formulaic response.

Gary Busey Talks Piranha 3DD

And the debate rages on... We're still not entirely sure whom we'd least rather get bit by: a prehistoric flesh-eating piranha or veteran actor and wild man Gary Busey. It's a tough call, man.

Exclusive: Actress Katrina Bowden Talks Tucker & Dale, Piranha 3DD and More!

On November 29th Magnet Releasing is finally unleashing one of the best horror comedies of the last ten years when Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (review here) finally hits DVD and Blu-ray shelves everywhere. In the film our titular characters, a pair of well-meaning hillbillies (Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk) get mixed up in a gory but hilarious bloodbath when a group of college kids go camping near their vacation home and suspect the duo of kidnapping their friend Allison (Katrina Bowden) when they pull the co-ed's lifeless body from the water after she gets knocked out while skinny-dipping.

AFM 2011: First Stills From Piranha 3DD

Things are getting fishy at this year's AFM as the first stills from John Gulager's highly anticipated sequel Piranha 3DD have reared their heads amongst a sea of cinema chum. Check 'em out!

First Piranha 3DD Footage is Friggin' Awesome!

Another bit of fishy goodness came out of last night's broadcast of the Spike TV Scream Awards as audiences got their first look at the glory that is Piranha 3DD. Dear lord, give us this movie now. Pretty please. Sugar on top. Thanks.

Get an Eyeful of Piranha 3DD's Potential Victims

Let's face it, man. A piranha has got to eat! Good thing for us their primary diet consists mainly of people in swimsuits, and that's exactly what you're gonna get in this latest batch of behind-the-scenes images from Piranha 3DD.

More From Paul Scheer on Piranha 3DD

What a crazy world we live in. Actor Paul Scheer has gone from "just disappearing" in the first Piranha to mouthpiece for the upcoming Piranha 3DD. In the mood for more fishy details about the sequel? Read on!

First Piranha 3DD Behind-the-Scenes Imagery Gets You Wet and Slippery

Okay, perverts! Get your mind outta the gutter, although there is a lot to be excited about when it comes to John Gulager's upcoming sequel Piranha 3DD. Either way! Get ready to dig on some fishy new behind-the-scenes stills!

UPDATE: Piranha 3DD Trailer Debuts This Weekend Before Apollo 18; First Teaser Art!

We cannot wait for John Gulager's Piranha 3DD to start tearing up theatres this November, and if you're one of the folks who are planning on seeing Apollo 18 this weekend, you'll be one of the first to lay eyes on the upcoming aquatic chaos.

Nurse 3D Fills Out its Cast - Boris Kodjoe, Dita Von Teese, and Adam Herschman Join the Mayhem!

Some quick casting news coming in from IMDB (so take that for what it's worth) for Lionsgate's sexy new horror feature, Nurse 3D, and we've got the latest for you right here. Dig it!

Things Get Hairy for Nurse 3D

The casting news continues for Nurse 3D, and we're willing to bet a fight is going to break out on the site over who has the better hair: Katrina Bowden, Paz de la Huerta, or "High School Musical"'s Corbin Bleu!

Katrina Bowden Joins Nurse 3D! How We Wish We Were Ill!

You know, when it comes to getting killed, you could certainly think of other far worse ways to die than at the hands of a smokin' hot nurse. One thing's for sure; if Kevorkian looked liked Katrina Bowden, we wouldn't be complaining!

Exclusive: Director John Gulager Talks Piranha 3DD and More!

Just back from shooting Piranha 3DD in Wilmington, North Carolina (the flick opens nationwide via Dimension this coming November 23), director John Gulager, who’s currently knee-deep in post-production, took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us regarding the shoot as well what fans can expect of his sequel to the 2010 Alexandre Aja-helmed Piranha 3D. Read on!

Piranha 3DD Spoiler Filled Unofficial Set Visit Swims Online

Hungry for the details on the upcoming toothy sequel Piranha 3DD? Yeah, we can't blame you. We are, too, and thanks to a sneaky little visit to the set of the film, quite a few of them have broken the surface, including some gore shots!