Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl to Participate in The Happytime Murders

Poor Katherine Heigl. First it's announced yesterday that she'll be going Face Blind in her next movie, and now she has to tango with evil puppets in The Happytime Murders. All in a day's work!

Katherine Heigl Goes Face Blind

Remember that Milla Jovovich flick Faces in the Crowd? No? That could be because it sucked, but in any event a new flick is on its way with kind of a similar storyline. Could this one get it right?

Heigl Joins Kutcher for Five Killers

Nothing like your marriage being turned on its head when you discover your neighbors may be assassins hired to kill you. I like to think my wife and I are cautiously paranoid, but it’d take a lot to convince even me of that.