Kate Beckinsale

Two New Whiteout Stills

As part of gearing up for their fall/winter seasons (where did this year go?), Warner Bros. sent along a couple of new stills for their upcoming film Whiteout starring Kate Beckinsale. Of course, we'll share them with you guys because, well, because you all look so sexy when you shiver.

Latest Whiteout Poster Shows Off Beckinsale's Baby Blues

The release of Whiteout has been postponed more times than we can keep track of, but now that it's back on track for September 11th, Warner Bros. is pulling out all the stops to promote it, including a brand new poster featuring a close-up of Kate Beckinsale that's sure to leave a large portion of the male population breathless.

New Whiteout Trailer Won't Leave You Cold

I can't say I have ever read the 1998 comic book on which Whiteout is based, but after watching this trailer I know I will be seeing the movie version when it opens on September 11th. Kate Beckinsale stars as a sexy US Marshal sent in to investigate a series of brutal murders at Antarctic stations with only three days before the even harsher winter weather sets in. Dominic "Kalifornia, Gone in Sixty Seconds" Sena directs this body part freezing off chiller.

Whiteout Teaser Looking to Chill You to the Bone

After what seems like forever, a promotional teaser has arrived online for Dominic Sena's live-action adaptation of the Greg Rucka graphic novel Whiteout!

Whiteout Blows in September '09

Dominic Sena's big screen version of the graphic novel Whiteout finally has a release date, but you all are going to have to wait quite a while to see it.

Composing for Whiteout, Freak & Mambo

A batch of horror movies we’ve not heard much about lately have recently acquired composers; instead of writing one story after another about them, I thought it’d make sense to give ‘em to you all at once. That's how much I care, you see.

Ready for the Van Helsing Collector's Edition?

How many horror fans have stayed awake all night wondering when a Collector's Edition of Universal's Van Helsing would be available. Would they again get to see vampires fly around in daylight? Couches that can kill Kate Beckinsale? Beloved monsters getting the bastard treatment? Plenty of plot holes to trash even the most hardened drinking game veteran?

Whiteout's Dark Poster

One of Beyond Hollywood's readers sent in the new poster for Dominic Sena's adaption of the comic book Whiteout. The pic stars Kate Beckinsale as a U.S.

Vacancy (2007)

Starring Kate Beckinsale, Luke Wilson, Frank Whaley, Ethan Embry, Scott G. Anderson Directed by Nimród Antal

Macht Joins Whiteout

Word came down this morning from the virtual pages of Variety that Gabriel Macht (The Good Shepherd) has signed on to spend the next few months in the cold with Kate Beckinsale, choosing to join up as her co-star in the first new Dark Castle Entertainment movie, Whiteout.

Posters Opened, Trapped

Two cool new posters for two very questionable films showed up online yesterday, and we thought you guys would dig ‘em. First one comes from Arrow in the Head and is for the Elisha Cuthbert-starer Captivity, the trailer for which wore out its welcome about three films into this past November’s After Dark HorrorFest for me.

Vacancy Trailer Freaks

Though the first few stills that came out for the horror movie Vacancy, which stars Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale, didn’t give the most exciting first impression, the trailer that just showed up on Yahoo! Movies definitely does. The duo star as a couple who check into a rundown motel after having some car problems and discover that their room seems to be used for snuff films as a regular practice. They try to escape, but as the trailer asks, how can you escape when they see everything?

Beckinsale Signs for Whiteout

Kate Beckinsale has fully come onboard Whiteout according to Variety. The film is set to be directed by Swordfish helmer Dominic Sena, and we first mentioned it to you back here, laying out many compliments in Kate’s lap in the process. Still no call from her, though. But we persevere!

Beckinsale Faces Whiteout

The lovely and talented Kate Beckinsale is in talks to star in a new movie set in Antarctica called Whiteout, based on the graphic novel of the same name from author Greg Rucka, according to the folks at Production Weekly.

Dark Castle Made Good Again?

A new deal has been put through by uber-producer Joel Silver that may change the way we react when we hear about a film being produced by Dark Castle, which over the years has been more "miss" than "hit".