Kane Hodder

Hatchet II Interview Week Entry 3: Kane Hodder

Kane Hodder is man known for his ability to kill. After playing the unstoppable Jason Voorhees for four films in the legendary Friday the 13th series, Hodder has moved on to star in a number of successful and influential genre and non-genre films. Back in 2006 he returned to the woods to become the maniacal Victor Crowley in Adam Green’s homage to the slasher film, Hatchet.

Exclusive Event Coverage: Hatchet II Signing and Release at Dark Delicacies

Exclusive to Dread, here’s a handful of photos from last night’s DVD and Blu-ray release signing for director Adam Green’s Hatchet II, which took place at LA’s house of the macabre, Dark Delicacies (3512 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA).

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Hatchet II Prize Package to Die For

The time is almost here, Hatchet Army! Next week the film they didn't want you to see in theatres, Adam Green's Hatchet II, will be hitting Blu-ray and DVD; and we've got your chance to win it and a whole lot more!

Exclusive: Blu-ray / DVD Clip - Hatchet II

We're just days away from the official home video release of Adam Green's controversial flick Hatchet II (amazing how a movie about a swamp monster with a wireless belt sander can be controversial, eh?), and to get you pumped for its release, we have an exclusive clip from the supplemental material for ya! Dig it!

Blu-ray and DVD Trailer Debut: Hatchet II

If you've been waiting patiently to get your claws into Adam Green's Hatchet II, there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel! Come the beginning of February the flick will be available on DVD and Blu-ray, and to celebrate its arrival, we have the official trailer for the release!

Leatherface and Victor Crowley Hunt Ghosts on Ghost Adventures!

Hunting ghosts is pretty frightening business. Investigators often traverse locations that most people with even the smallest modicom of common sense wouldn't dare to set foot in. For the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" team, sometimes a little back-up can be a very good thing, and wow, have they brought it this time.

Revised Hatchet II Cover Art and Specs

Hatchet Army let me hear you! The time has come, kids! The official artwork and Blu-ray specs are here and we have every bit of info that you need to know. Dig it!

New Hatchet II On Demand Trailer Decorates Your Tree in Entrails

A new trailer for Hatchet II's VOD run has popped up on YouTube, and of course, we figured we'd better bring it to you guys pronto if only as a reminder that the flick is playing right now, UNCUT, On Demand!

Raise Your Hatchet High for the Hatchet II Blu-ray Art

Stoked for February to hurry up and get here so you can get your hands on Hatchet II? Yep, we are too, and as a means to get you geared up, dig on the official Blu-ray artwork! Adam Green's Hatchet II will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on February 1st, 2011. Additional info, including bonus materials and art, will be announced soon.

Exclusive First Hatchet II Blu-ray and DVD News!

You can thank Time Warner Cable's Internet outage for us not getting this news to you about an hour or so ago, but some things? Some things are TOTALLY worth the wait!

Hatchet II - Uncut - VOD - December 1st, 2010

You've waited. You've wondered. You've wanted. Your day is almost here! That's right, kids! FINALLY you'll all be able to dig on the gory goodness of the flick that was literally banned from theatres in two countries - Hatchet II - and we've got all the details on the hows and the whens! From the Press Release

Limited Edition Hatchet II Poster Unveiled and Now Available Online

As director Adam Green promised via his Twitter account the other day, the limited edition Hatchet II poster created by artist Alex Pardee was unveiled today and is available exclusively on the creative collective website zerofriends.com. Here are the details: Ultra Limited Edition of 100.

Peters, Alexis (Hatchet II)

It’s hard to believe that the US premiere for Adam Green’s Hatchet II is only about a week away, and while we’ve had the opportunity here at Dread Central to hear from some of the key players in the project (including Green, AJ Bowen, and Tom Holland), we’re ready to introduce you to Alexis Peters, the up-and-coming actress who portrays Avery in the sequel.

Hatchet II Pulled From US Theatres

Once it was yanked in Canada, we had a feeling that Adam Green's Hatchet II would eventually get pulled here in the States. Well, we hope you got to see it this weekend. Adam Green posted the following message from his Twitter account: