Kaare Andrews

Green-Band Trailer for The ABCs of Death Hits the Interwebs

The green-band trailer for the much talked about anthology film The ABCs of Death (review) has been released, and we have every single safe for work pixel of it right here waiting for you, like that Jesus Jones song without the warbling!

Red-Band Trailer for The ABCs of Death Hits the Interwebs

We told you yesterday that something cool was coming for The ABCs of Death (review). Of course it's been delivered, and we have it for you right here! Behold the red-band trailer for the flick!

Two New Stills from The ABCs of Death and More!

Tomorrow at 7pm EST/4pm PST on Yahoo! Movies, there will be something premiering to get The ABCs of Death (review) fans all fired up! However, things are heating up here first with two new stills. Check them out!

Bloody Good Image from Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

Okay, Hollywood. Way to make my recent bout of medical trauma look like kid stuff. Always stealing my damned thunder. I mean, just wait until you see the following image. My super-glued incisions pale in comparison.

Lydia Hearst Joins Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

More casting news has come in for the latest Cabin Fever flick in the franchise, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, and we have the skinny for you right here - hot, sticky, and with its skin peeling off.

AFM 2012: Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Sales Trailer Infects the Interwebs

Okay, kids, don't get too excited. With AFM just around the corner the folks behind the latest Cabin Fever flick have put together a sales trailer for the big dance that's home to a lot of footage you've already seen. It's just been edited together to get folks all excited and stuff. Check it out.

Magnet Previews ABCs of Death in Front of V/H/S Theatrical Showings

As if you needed another reason to check out V/H/S during its theatrical run, Magnet has another trick up its sleeve... read on for the initial details on how you can be amongst the first to preview their other flick, The ABCs of Death (review).

More Actors Infected by Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

It's been the better part of a year since last there was anything to report concerning the next Cabin Fever flick, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, but with the passage of time comes good things like start dates and such!

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Begins Infecting Actors!

The first casting news for director Kaare Andrews' entry into the unlikely Cabin Fever franchise, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, is finally here. Read on for the latest on who'll be scratching that old familiar bloody itch!

The Official Poster for The ABCs of Death Has Arrived

As if we weren't already excited enough for the upcoming arrival of anthology film The ABCs of Death, one look at the flick's new poster was all it took to push us into a state of near frenzy! Check it out and see if you agree.

Artwork Debut and Director Named for Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

Some movement on the Cabin Fever franchise front. A director has been named for the third film, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, and we've got info on that along with an early look at the first sales art for you right here.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Altitude on Blu-ray

Horror soars to new heights in Anchor Bay's latest fright flick Altitude and we've got a chance for you to get your hands on the flick in all of its high definition glory!

Exclusive Clip - Altitude: Make Sure You Have a Parachute!

We just got an exclusive new clip from Kaare Andrews' upcoming creature in the sky tale Altitude for you to hang on to during your free fall into horror!Dig it! From the Press Release

Screamfest 2010: Altitude Premiere Coverage!

On Sunday, October 10th, Screamfest LA hosted the premiere of sci-fi thriller Altitude, which is being released later this month DTV by Anchor Bay. On hand for the event was director Kaare Andrews, who was not only celebrating the premiere of Altitude but the debut of his first full-length feature as well.