Justin Cronin

The Passage Leads to a Writer

More news coming in for the latest vampire-themed adaptation for Matt Reeves, The Passage. A writer has been found to handle the transition from page-to-screen. Read on for the details on just who the scribe is.

Matt Reeves to Traverse The Vampire Filled Passage for Fox 2000

Matt Reeves is a director who knows a thing or two about making good vampire movies, as proved by his way better than expected take on Let Me In. Given this fact, it's no wonder he's been tapped to illustrate yet another tale of these fiendish bloodsuckers.

Update on the Status of The Passage Film Adaptation

As Elaine mentioned in her list of "Summer Reading to Chill Your Bones", Justin Cronin's The Passage is turning into THE book to read this summer so no doubt Fox 2000 will be fast-tracking its screen adaptation, on which Cronin recently provided a small update.