Junkie (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Robert LaSardo, Daniel Louis Rivas, Andrew Howard, Tomas Boykin, Tess Panzer Directed by Adam Mason

Win a Copy of Junkie on DVD

Adam Mason's Junkie is ready to get you addicted, and right now we have your chance to get your DVD fix on us. Get out your needles and rubber tubing! This is gonna be one wild trip, man!

Junkie Cards! Ya Gotta Catch 'Em All!

To hell with Pokemon! I'd rather be collecting Junkie cards! Just think of their stunning powers! Unknowingly peeing yourself! Super enhanced arm veins! Loose teeth! The possibilities are endless! What am I talking about? Check out these character cards for Adam Mason's upcoming film Junkie!

Shoot Up This Junkie Blu-ray Art

Adam Mason's upcoming film Junkie will be hitting Blu-ray and DVD on November 12th, and right now we have the official artwork and specs for ya. Read on for all the details you need.

Junkie Unveils a New Trailer, Release Date and Distro Info

The upcoming film Junkie is a black comedy that is... well, trippy should about cover it. We've got a brand new trailer for you to check out as well as some info on where and when you can see this unique film.

First Films Announced for Telluride Horror Show

The Telluride Horror Show in Telluride, Colorado will be holding their third annual film festival from October 12-14. We've just gotten the list of the first films scheduled to be included in the fest.

New Trailer, Images, and Poster for Adam Mason's Junkie

It's been a while since last we spoke about the new film from director Adam Mason (The Devil's Chair, Luster, Pig), but brothers and sisters, we have just hit the mother lode. Go ahead... read on and get your fix!

First Images - Adam Mason to Unleash His Junkie

If there's one thing that director Adam Mason (The Devil's Chair, Luster, Pig) is very, very, good at, it's exposing you to the darkest and most violent side of human nature to the point that no matter how hard you try, you just can't look away. If the latest stills from his new film Junkie are any indication of what's to come, it perfectly follows suit.