Julien Magnat

Faces in the Crowd (2011)

Starring Milla Jovovich, Julian McMahon, Michael Shanks, Marianne Faithfull, Sarah Wayne Callies, Valentina Vargas, David Atrakchi

Two Clips From Faces in the Crowd May Cause Blindness!

Next week Milla Jovovich's new thriller Faces in the Crowd hits Blu-ray and DVD, and to help you decide whether or not this is something you would like to focus on, we have two clips for you right here! Dig 'em!

Faces in the Crowd Image Gallery Now Online

What's this? Two Milla Jovovich stories in a row? Yeah, we think your precious psyche can handle it. Get ready to dig on the full image gallery for Milla's next thriller, Faces in the Crowd.

Milla Jovovich Will Only See Faces in the Crowd on DVD and Blu-ray

There was a time when a psycho thriller like Faces in the Crowd would have received a wide theatrical release. There was also a time when such a movie would have been legally required to star Ashley Judd, but that’s another matter entirely.

International Trailer Debut: Faces in the Crowd

Ready to dig upon the first trailer for the new psycho thriller from writer/director Julien Magnat, Faces in the Crowd? Yeah, we figured you would be. Who doesn't like kicking off their work week with a side of Milla Jovovich? Look for news on a release from First Look soon. Julian McMahon, Michael Shanks, David Atrakchi, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Marianne Faithful all co-star.

First Look at Milla Jovovich - Faces in the Crowd

Milla Jovovich may not be able to identify the Faces in the Crowd, but we're still getting the first gander of her in character in the new psycho thriller from writer/director Julien Magnat. Julian McMahon, Michael Shanks, David Atrakchi, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Marianne Faithful all co-star. Check out the images after the plot crunch courtesy of the Kino Gallery. Synopsis

Faces in the Crowd Starts Shooting! Full Cast Announced!

Julien Magnat's new thriller starring a "face blind" Milla Jovovich, Faces in the Crowd, began shooting a couple of days ago, and we have the official word along with full casting news for you!

Nip/Tuck's Julian McMahon Next to See Faces in the Crowd

Imagine surviving a horrific trauma only to be left "face blind", meaning you're okay but cannot recognize anyone by their face anymore. I guess such an affliction could come in handy if you're tired of hanging with the same people every day, but in Milla Jovovich's new thriller, Faces in the Crowd, it is also the recipe for terror!

Milla Jovovich Sees Faces in the Crowd

Milla Jovovich is quickly becoming one of the hardest working women in our genre, and we love her for it. In just a couple of weeks, November 6th to be exact, audiences will be treated to her really spooky alien encounter movie The Fourth Kind, and as we speak, she's filming yet another entry into the Resident Evil film franchise. Then after that she's being tapped to headline a new thriller called Faces in the Crowd. Breathe, Milla, breathe! We need you in one piece!