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Starring Kevin Zegers, Bill Paxton, Laurence Fishburne, Charlotte Sullivan, Atticus Mitchell, Dru Viergever

New Clip from the Supernatural Season 7 Premiere - Meet the New Boss

Finally this Friday night we'll find out what the Winchester brothers have been up to over the summer when "Supernatural" returns to The CW with the Season 7 premiere, "Meet the New Boss". Take a peek at a new clip from the episode provided by the network along with a few stills that seem to show Castiel and Death aren't exactly on good terms.

Prepare to "Meet the New Boss" in the Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Episode

"Supernatural" returns to the airwaves of The CW on Friday, September 23rd, and finally the network has provided us with an official synopsis of the episode we already knew was called "Meet the New Boss", in which Castiel takes on his new role as God. Something tells us he's not quite the same as the old boss.

Supernatural Shuffle: The CW Pushes Episodes 12 & 13 (Like a Virgin & Unforgiven) Back a Week

Now this is disappointing. In a press release today, The CW announced that the next two episodes of "Supernatural", "Like a Virgin" and "Unforgiven", which were slotted to run tomorrow, January 28th, and next Friday, February 4th, respectively, have each been pushed back a week. Read on for the updated airdates and synopses.

A Preview of and a Clip from Supernatural Episode 12 - Like a Virgin

"Supernatural" returns to The CW this Friday, January 28th, with an episode about dragons of all things! To help celebrate the occasion and make sure you're all feeling shiny and new, the network has released a preview of and a clip from Episode 12, "Like a Virgin", both of which we have right here!

Supernatural: What the 2nd Half of Season 6 Holds; Stills from Episode 12 - Like a Virgin

Looking for more details about that "breaking the fourth wall" episode of "Supernatural" we recently told you about? We've got 'em along with a few other tidbits on upcoming episodes so if you're the type that likes to be kept in the dark, you might want to skip this story. Unless you can't resist a few stills from Episode 12, "Like a Virgin".

Finally! The Full Synopsis for Supernatural Episode 12, Like a Virgin

Have you been on pins and needles as much as we have to see the outcome of Sam getting his soul back? Well, come Friday, January 28th, we'll finally see the results as "Supernatural" Episode 12, "Like a Virgin", hits the airwaves, and we finally have the ep's full synopsis.

Dean Has an Appointment with Death in New Stills from Supernatural Episode 11 - Appointment in Samarra

To tie in with the "Appointment in Samarra" video preview they provided earlier today, The CW has just sent over some fresh stills from this week's episode of "Supernatural" in which Dean meets up with an old adversary: Death himself.

Supernatural: Appointment In Samarra Preview & a Thanks for the Show's Fan-Voted TV Guide Cover

This Friday, December 10, the Winchester brothers have an "Appointment In Samarra", and we've got a preview of the episode along with a video of the "Supernatural" cast thanking the fans for voting the show onto the cover of TV Guide!

Sam and Dean Have an Appointment in Samarra in Episode 11 of Supernatural

Episode 11 of "Supernatural" sees the return of both Death and Balthazar as Sam and Dean make an "Appointment in Samarra". Let's hope things turn out better for the Winchester boys than they do for the main character in the John O'Hara novel of the same name (he performs a series of uncharacteristically impulsive acts, culminating in suicide).