Ju-on: Kuroi shôjo

Well Go USA to Unleash Ju-on: White Ghost / Ju-On: Black Ghost onto Blu-ray and DVD

Though not official sequels to the Ju-On films per se, there's enough weird shit going on in both Ju-on: White Ghost and Ju-On: Black Ghost to keep you busy with some fear East creeps!

Ju-on: White Ghost and Ju-on: Black Ghost (UK DVD)

Reviewed by Gareth Jones Starring Hiroki Suzuki, Ichorota Miyakawa, Natsuki Kasa, Koji Seto, Kuniteru Shigeyama, Kana Tsugihara Directed by Ryuta Miyake and Mari Asato

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers – Win a Ju-On Double Feature DVD!

On April 26th Ju-On: White Ghost and Ju-On: Black Ghost (or Ju-on: Shiroi rôjo and Ju-on: Kuroi shôjo, respectively) hit the UK as a single-disc double feature. To celebrate the release, we have three copies of the DVD to give away!

UK Trailer and DVD Art: Ju-on: White Ghost / Ju-On: Black Ghost

You know what, man? I'm moving to the UK. They get all the cool stuff lately! In fact, they're getting the new films in the Ju-On franchise, Ju-on: White Ghost and Ju-On: Black Ghost, on single DVD release come April 26th. Know what we're getting here in the States in terms of these films on said date? Nothing. YAY!

AFM Wrap-Up! The Sights! The Sounds! The Scares!

Horror has always dominated the American Film Market and 2009 was no exception. And while there was a considerable shortage of titles this year, the overall quality was a huge step up from previous AFMs. I guess there’s something to be said for the lack of over-saturation.

Ju-On Sequels Renamed

The two new chapters in the Takashi Shimizu created franchise Ju-On have been renamed for us silly Americans who don't like to think or learn other languages. Brain. Hurt. Words. Bad.

A New Trailer and Full Synopses for Two New Ju-on Films

The Ju-on series is one that just refuses to die. We previously had a look at the combo trailer for the two new entries in the franchise, Ju-on: Shiroi rôjo and Ju-on: Kuroi shôjo, and now a new version has hit the Net.

New Ju-on Trailers Arrive

Last Thursday we reported about the new Ju-on game for the Nintendo Wii and that there are two more Ju-on films coming out to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the franchise. Now just a few days later we have the teaser trailers for both films. Man, the Japanese sure do work fast.