JT Petty

First Images: J.T. Petty's Hellbenders

It was just yesterday that we brought you some pretty nifty casting news concerning J.T. Petty's next film, Hellbenders. Twenty-four hours later ... the first images are here!

Clifton Collins, Jr. and J.T. Petty are Set to Become Hellbenders

Around these parts we're big fans of director J.T. Petty. Through his keen eye and amazing ear for sound design, he's created quite a few memorable fearscapes. That's why when his name comes up we pay close attention.

JT Petty Bringing on the Hellbenders

Around Dread Central we love us some JT Petty. The indie filmmaker has turned out some really quality flicks over the past few years including Soft For Digging, The Burrowers, S&Man, and the better than it had any right to be Mimic 3.

Red Band Trailer Debut for JT Petty's S&Man

Finally after years on the shelf JT Petty's ultra-creepy S&Man (review here) is getting itself a DVD and Blu-ray release on October 12th courtesy of Magnet Home Entertainment.

S&MAN Screening in Brooklyn, NY on November 29th

Looking for the perfect movie to take your parents and kids to after indulging in a bit of Thanksgiving turkey? Well, JT Petty's horror documentary S&MAN is probably not it, but if live in or around Brooklyn, NY and can tear yourself away from your filial obligations, you owe it to yourself to check out the film's screening on Sunday, November 29th.

Exclusive: JT Petty on Faces of Death Remake

Today we had the pleasure of speaking with director JT Petty about the release of his latest film The Burrowers on DVD April 21st, and he gave us the skinny on what direction his proposed remake of Faces of Death will be taking.

The Burrowers Trailer Now Live

The trailer for The Burrowers surfaced today courtesy of Lionsgate to help further along anticipation of the upcoming DVD release of J.T. Petty's latest film.

New Images from The Burrowers

New images surfaced today courtesy of Lionsgate to help further along anticipation of their upcoming DVD release of J.T. Petty's The Burrowers.

Burrowers Prequel Debuts on FEARnet

The buzz on the upcoming DVD release The Burrowers has been generally positive so it’s very cool that director J.T. Petty is giving horror fans a taste of what happened before his acclaimed full-length Western-themed creature feature with an 18-minute short film called Blood Red Earth (previously called simply "Red Earth").

Burrowers DVD Art & Specs!

The final artwork and specs have been release for J.T. Petty’s long-awaited underground monster movie The Burrowers, and you can check out the art on your right. Extras are set to include the following: Commentary by JT Petty and star Karl Geary ”The Burrowers Making a Horror Western” featurette

The Burrowers DVD Details

The latest film from J.T. Petty, The Burrowers, is getting set to make its DVD debut from Lionsgate, and we got some details for ya!

Updates on House of the Devil & More From Fessenden

Larry Fessenden, the man behind Glass Eye Pix and thusly every single cool genre project out there right now, got chatting with the mutants at STYD recently and dropped some intel on a trio of projects that fans are patiently waiting for.

Glass Eye Brings You a Creepy Christmas!

Now this is what I call a Christmas celebration! You can keep your four-hour long Mass services and ritualistic chanting; I’m going to hang out with the guys and girls at Glass Eye Pix.

Final Burrowers Poster

We saw a low-res version of this not too long ago, but today the folks at IMP Awards got their hands on a very sexy and clean look at the poster for J.T. Petty’s upcoming period monster movie, The Burrowers.

Dark Sky & Glass Eye Team for New Horror

You just had to know a team-up like this would happen eventually; the match is too perfect to ignore. Today it was officially announced that Dark Sky Films and Glass Eye Pix would be rejoining forces (their first outing being Ti West’s House of the Devil) for a slate of new horror films.