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Billy Bob Thornton Lends Insight into Grizzly Horror Flick Red Machine

Actor Billy Bob Thornton has revealed a lot of details pertaining to what to expect when his new horror flick, Red Machine, is unleashed upon the masses. Read on to find out who's on the menu.

First Behind-the-Scenes Still from Red Machine Features Thomas Jane Going One-on-One with a Grizzly!

You know the old saying that a picture speaks a thousand words? Well, you're about to see Exhibit "A", which fully backs that sentiment up. We can already hear The Foywonder cackling somewhere in the distance!

More Red Machine Casting News Rolls On In

Even more casting news has come in for Saw V director David Hackl's latest film, Red Machine. Several actors have joined the cast, and we've got your details ready and waiting for you.

Piper Perabo to Ride David Hackl's Red Machine

Yes, that headline sounds kind of dirty, but sometimes we just cannot help ourselves. In any event more casting news has come for the next flick from Saw V director David Hackl. Dig it!

Casting Starts to Firm Up for David Hackl's Red Machine

Talk about time flying by! It was September of 2010 when last we heard anything about Saw V director David Hackl's next project, Red Machine, but finally some casting news has come to light - for not just one, but three leading men!

David Hackl Attached to Direct The Butcher Bride Adaptation

After being unceremoniously booted off of Saw VII 3D to make room for Saw VI's returning champ Kevin Greutert, Saw V director David Hackl had a lot of time on his hands. But now all that's about to change since he's signed on to help adapt The Butcher Bride, Vince Churchill's sexual, supernatural roller coaster ride of a novel.