Josh Trank

Heroes Go Bad, Really Bad, in Chronicle

Movie trailers are a funny thing. Sometimes you watch them and you're disgusted by what's coming soon to a theatre near you, and others ... well, others just leave you with your mouth agape and your jaw on the floor. This is one of those times.

Dawn of the Dead's Michael Kelly Boards Chronicle

More casting news coming in, this time for next year's supernatural thriller Chronicle from 20th Century Fox. Read on for all the latest. What else do you have to do? It's friggin' Wednesday, for god's sake!

Fox Gearing to Open Their Supernatural Chronicle

You know, it's not such a great idea to mess around with mysterious substances. We always marvel when we see people inspecting some kind of goo or what have you by sticking their fingers in it and sniffing them. I mean, really? What the hell is wrong with you folks?

Fox Picks Up Max Landis' Chronicle

Being out here in California has afforded us the opportunity to meet and hang with some really cool people, one of which is Max Landis, the son of horror master John Landis, who penned the "Masters of Horror" episode "Deer Woman" along with the "Fear Itself"