Josh Brokaw

Mortal Remains to Screen in NYC and at Bizarre AC II in Atlantic City

One of the more elusive films of the past few years has been Mortal Remains. We've been lucky enough to report on it, but there have been very few screenings. Well, East Coast, not one, but two Mortal Remains presentations are coming your way this June.

Mortal Remains Teaser Trailer and Info on First Screening

Tired of seeing all the cool stuff happening in either New York or Los Angeles and wondering when your town might get something fun and horror related, too? Well, if you live in or near Pittsburgh, PA, wonder no longer! On January 15th indie flick Mortal Remains will have its first public screening at The Oaks Theater in Oakmont. And we have the film's poster and teaser trailer right here to help whet your appetite!