Joseph O'Brien

Travel Down the Devil's Mile with Poster and Release Details

It was way back in 2011 that we told you Joseph O'Brien's directorial debut Devil's Mile was finished filming, and all has been quiet on that front since then. Finally, we've got new things to report, and it's all good news!

The Devil's Mile Wraps! First Still Appears!

We've been talking about indie flick The Devil's Mile for a while now around these parts, and some good news has come our way for those looking forward to it. Read on for all the details as well as the very first still!

David Hayter to Walk The Devil's Mile

Question: What does Metal Gear Solid's lead character Solid Snake have in common with Watchmen and the first two X-Men films? That's a real head scratcher, isn't it? The answer is David Hayter.