Jose Padilha

Director José Padilha Talks Robocop Remake

The Robocop franchise is a strange one. The first is a classic, the second was kind of good, and the third just sent everyone's favorite metal marshal out with an absolute whimper. So how will the remake fare? Director José Padilha talks about his approach ...

Actors Being Eyed for Oldboy and RoboCop Remakes

Ah, remakes. No matter how much everyone complains, you still keep right on coming. Two high profile ones, Oldboy and RoboCop, are moving along at a nice brisk pace, and already actors are being eyed for their leads. Read on for the details on both.

RoboCop Reboot Wrangles a Writer

Everyone's favorite half robot lawman is one step closer to being reassembled, and hopefully when all the nuts and bolts have been tightened the makers of this upcoming reboot won't go soft on the series' violent side.

RoboCop Reboot Right on Track

The lion is getting ready to roar once again with a half cyborg crime-fighter and the prospect of a remake done right. Will the new RoboCop bring all of the over-the-top violence of the original? We can only hope.