Jose Padilha

New RoboCop Stills Offer a Good Look at the New Suits

Yesterday the trailer for the remake of RoboCop arrived, and today we have some all new stills to go along with it that include a look at the film's various suits. Check 'em out and let the defending and the complaining continue.

RoboCop Remake Trailer Suits Up for Action

The time for talking is done. The trailer for the remake of RoboCop has arrived, and we finally have the opportunity to get a taste of what's to come. Make sure you tell us in our comments section what you think. Dig it!

#SDCC 2013: Check into the RoboCop Press Conference and Panel

Ah, cameras. They make the necessity of dealing with this madness less and less needful. Case in point? Interested in RoboCop but couldn't make it into Hall H because people were ridiculously camping out for The Hunger Games? Not a problem. Check out the panel here!

#SDCC 2013: RoboCop Rating Revealed

Evan Dickson from our brothers in harm Bloody Disgusting just checked in with a quick tidbit of news from the San Diego Comic-Con concerning the much talked about remake of RoboCop. Read on for details.

RoboCop Viral Video Tries to Recapture the Satire of the Original Film. Tries.

Yes, Sony Pictures will be screening the first ever footage from the RoboCop remake at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. And while we anxiously await this glance, we've got an unimpressive viral video to tide us over.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Sony Marching in First RoboCop Remake Footage

Word has hit the internet that Sony Pictures will be screening the first ever footage from the RoboCop remake during the biggest geek dance on the planet... the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. Hopefully this won't end up in bloodshed like the 2010 pencil to the eye incident.

RoboCop Set Video Speeds In

One camera-happy paparazzo was on hand to capture a video of the new RoboCop speeding to the scene of... well, something or other. Check it out!

More RoboCop Images Fail to Inspire

Every single image we see of the new RoboCop suit makes us cringe. We keep telling ourselves, "It will look better in motion. Jose Padilha can make this work!" This latest crop though? Damn. See for yourself.

RoboCop - Attack of the Drones

It's been awhile since last there was anything to report on the new version of RoboCop, but our compadres over at Latino Review have scored an image of the EM-208 Humanoid Drone, which is part of OmniCorp’s product line. Check it out!

New RoboCop Concept Art Home to Some Wonderful Toys

A licensing video in support of the new RoboCop briefly made its way around the web today before the powers-that-be had it yanked. Good thing we got to it for some screenshots before it disappeared. Check out the goods, including a far better RoboCop suit, now.

An Alternative Look at New RoboCop

Twitter user 81 Films posted a never-before-seen peek at what could be an even more updated look for the new RoboCop. Welcome to the Internet, kids! It's a wild place where nothing stays buried for long!

RoboCop Spins His Wheels in New Video

A new paparazzi clip from the currently filming RoboCop remake has made its way to the interwebs, and it shows off more of the big guy sitting high upon his matching RoboCycle. Check it out.

Release Date Shuffle: Elysium and RoboCop Pushed Back

Get out the calendars, kids, because the powers-that-be have given Neill Blomkamp's Elysium and the upcoming remake of RoboCop some truly futuristic new release dates. Read on for the latest details.

More Behind-the-Scenes RoboCop Imagery Shows off the RoboCycle

More images from the Toronto set of RoboCop have shown up online and at this point all we want is something... hell, anything to make us say to ourselves, "Now that's cool." The following images, just like the ones before them, do NOT accomplish this goal.

Lots of New Behind-the-Scenes Images from RoboCop; First Look at Michael Keaton

A slew of new images from the Toronto set of RoboCop have shown up online via Comic Book Movie which provide a look at some of the film's cast for the first time, including the villainous Michael Keaton. Check 'em out, and let us know if you've warmed up to the new suit yet.