Jonny Lee Miller

Dexter Season Six Getting Ready to be Officially Tied to the Table

Though it took a while to get cooking, the latest season of the Showtime hit series "Dexter" is totally reaching a very intense boiling point, delivering some of the best TV on the air right now. Are you hungry for more?

Preview Clips of Dexter Episode 11 - Hop A Freighter

At the end of last night's episode of "Dexter", the relationship between Dexter and Lumen took a turn that most of us saw coming but still weren't quite ready for. And with just two episodes remaining in Season Five, we suspect a lot of things will be happening soon that the parties involved with aren't ready for either. With that said, here's a look at Episode 11, "Hop a Freighter".

Preview Clips of Dexter Episode 10 - In the Beginning

With just three episodes remaining in Season Six of "Dexter", things aren't looking so good for motivational speaker Jordan Chase, but then again, there's that pesky Stan Liddy snooping around Dexter and Lumen, which surely can't end well for any of them. Maybe these two clips from Episode 10, "In the Beginning", will shed a little light on things.

Casting News for Danny Boyle's Production of Frankenstein for UK's National Theatre

Early this year we learned that Oscar winner Danny Boyle would be returning to his theatre roots with a new adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein for the stage, and as of today we know who will be playing both the Monster and his creator, Dr. Frankenstein. In an interesting twist, two people will be alternating playing the roles.

Another New Dexter Cast Member - Prison Break's Chris Vance

As we close in on the September 26th Season Five premiere of Showtime's popular "Dexter", expect some more news about the show such as the recent addition of Chris Vance as a recurring character.

Peter Weller Joins Showtime's Dexter

Now we know Dexter Morgan is quite elusive, but damn it, did we have to get Robocop after him? Just think of the showdown possibilities! My money is on Batista jumping in to save Dex. What? Oh, Weller is joining but not as Robocop? That's not nearly as much fun!

Dexter Hacked by Jonny Lee Miller

Another new potential victim has signed on for duty on next season's run of the hit Showtime original series "Dexter". One who's used to hacking things in a completely different way.

AMC Orders Up Six Episodes of The Walking Dead

Two stories on Frank Darabont's adaptation of The Walking Dead for AMC in one day? It feels like Christmas, no? Okay thus far we know that Jon Bernthal will be playing Shane, we know that Jonny Lee Miller is the frontrunner to play Rick, and we know that KNB will be handling the zombie F/X. And now a bit more info has come our way!

UPDATE: F/X House Named / Jonny Lee Miller Frontrunner for Rick in The Walking Dead

Now that we all know that Jon Bernthal will be playing Shane, partner of the main character, Rick Grimes, in Frank Darabont's adaptation of The Walking Dead for AMC, speculation has been at a fever pitch over who will play Grimes himself. Personally I would have liked to see AJ Bowen tackle the job, but apparently the powers-that-be are looking over another young talent.