Jonathan Sothcott

Exclusive: Director and Star Named - Strippers vs. Werewolves!

Producer Jonathan Sothcott dropped us a line today to let us know that the search is over for a director and leading lady for his next upcoming feature, Strippers vs. Werewolves.

Jonathan Sothcott's Mindflesh to Hit UK DVD in February

Apparently this past summer's Splice isn't the only 'Cronenbergian' horror film of recent memory. I've heard the same sort of accolades afforded to director Jonathan Sothcott and his surreal feature Mindflesh. Tired of waiting for it? Just a few more months and it'll be hitting UK shelves.

UK Remake of Exposé Gets a New Title - Stalker

The ever-working producer Jonathan Sothcott dropped us a line today to inform us that Exposé, a remake of the 1970's film of the same name, has undergone a title change, and of course he hit us off with some new artwork as well. The flick has been renamed to Stalker because as Sothcott put it, "The title Exposé doesn't really mean anything, and it just wasn't sticking." Synopsis

Exclusive Update on the Asphyx Remake and First Concept Art for The Sorcerers

Producer Jonathan Sothcott dropped us a line today regarding the remake of Peter Newbrook's 1972 classic The Asphyx as well as the first word and concept art for the next film on the burner, The Sorcerers. Dig it!

Teaser One-Sheet Debut and Premiere News: Devil's Playground

The teaser art for the next zombie themed epic coming out of the UK, Black and Blue Films' Devil's Playground, has come our way; and it's void of floating heads, pensive looking teens, and all the rest of the cliché horseshit we're spoon-fed here in the States.

UK: Long Live the Mindflesh!

It’s always great when those inside the filmmaking biz get in touch to turn us on to some of the more interesting upcoming releases so we were delighted when prolific producer Jonathan Sothcott (Dead Cert, The Asphyx remake) gave us a heads-up regarding the UK DVD release of Robert Pratten’s indie body-horror Mindflesh.

Exclusive First Word and Concept Art: Strippers vs. Werewolves

Producer Jonathan Sothcott just dropped us a line to let you know about his next project before his remake of The Asphyx. Buckle up, kids, and get out those dollar bills! It's time for the showdown of the century - Strippers vs. Werewolves! Oh, how we love our job!

Film4 FrightFest '10: New Images and DVD Art: Dead Cert

Just in time for its debut at the Film4 FrightFest we've gotten our hands on a couple of more stills and even the DVD cover art for Dead Cert!

Film4 Fright Fest '10: New Dead Cert Stills

More stills for another movie we've been talking about for a while now, Dead Cert, have come in in celebration of the film's debut at the Film4 FrightFest and we've got them for you fresh and bloody!

Synopsis, Trailer, and Still from UK Remake of Exposé

In addition to Dead Cert, which he just provided us an update on, producer Jonathan Sothcott has also been working on Exposé, a remake of the 1970's film of the same name. He dropped us a line with some info on Exposé along with a still, the trailer, and the poster art.

Dead Cert Update and New Exclusive Stills

Writer/producer Jonathan Sothcott just dropped us a line with the good news that later this week we'll be getting a look at the UK DVD artwork for director Steven Lawson's Dead Cert, and in the meantime he's given us a few new exclusive stills and an update on what we can expect to see once it's released.

Exclusive Concept Art and Casting News: The Asphyx Remake

One flick we're really looking forward to around these parts is the remake of Peter Newbrook's 1972 classic The Asphyx. If you've never heard of that little known classic, do yourself a favor and track it down! With production of Matthew McGuchan's new take on the material gearing up, the filmmakers have gotten in touch with a lot of goodies for you!

New Artwork and Exclusive Stills: Dead Cert

Now here's a flick about vampires we can really get behind! That's right, kids, you won't be finding any sparkling teenage brooders in Steven Lawson's UK vampire import Dead Cert, and we've got some new artwork and stills to prove it!