Jonathan Levine

Mandy Lane On The Wall

Ah, remember that one girl in school who was so beautiful you could only dream of being her boyfriend? Remember that time you started to kill off her potential suitors just so you could have her all to yourself in some secluded location?

Mandy Lane Trailer Makes You Crazy

Though we’re still not sure what the Weinsteins plan on doing with All the Boys Love Mandy Lane here in the US, our brothers in the UK will get a look at it come August 10th when it opens across their island nation. With the film so close of course that means there’s a trailer out there, and sure enough Empire Online got their hands on it today. I have to admit, though the movie’s been getting all sorts of praise from film festivals across the globe, Mandy Lane herself (Amber Heard) is reason enough to see this flick.

Dimension Loves Mandy Lane

Word has come down via Variety that The Weinstein Co. has nabbed the horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane from the Midnight Madness section of the Toronto International Film Festival.