Jonas Stolpe

Something Is Out There, and It Ain't Happy... Put the Brakes on the New Trailer for Dead Stop

The desert sucks. Hot in the day, cold at night. Every kind of poisonous animal you can imagine. A great setting for a horror film, and the folks behind Dead Stop were savvy enough to recognize that. Check out the second trailer here!

Official Trailer Premiere for Big Screen Entertainment's Dead Stop

The official trailer for Dead Stop, Big Screen Entertainment's latest tale of terror, is done, and we have every shiver-inducing pixel of it right here. Grab your friends, pack some mind-altering substances, and take the ride.

Big Screen Entertainment Comes to a Dead Stop

We've all been there, man. On a road trip, smokin' weed, drinking with our friends, disappearing in the desert once our van breaks down, becoming little more than meat for the beast...