Jon Hewitt

Promo Video Debut: Vampyr

For many people going to the dentist is the stuff of nightmares. All that drilling and fluid flying. Apparently even vampires need to have their teeth tended to every now and again, but not exactly for personal hygiene related reasons.

Acolytes (2008)

Reviewed by Serena Whitney Starring Sebastian Gregory, Joshua Payne, Hannah Morgan Lawrence, Michael Dorman, Joel Edgerton Directed by Jon Hewitt

Acolytes Bully a Trailer

School bullies, who doesn't remember them? Some people would get beaten up, their lunch money stolen or intimidated into doing the bully's homework. They got off easy. The bullies in my home town pulled guns, cut ya or pushed you down stairs. If only the weaker kids had some kind of help to take care of the bastards...

Hewitt, Jon (Acolytes)

Jon Hewitt brings us some Australian flavored horror with his latest film,