John Lynch

New Scintilla Trailer and Stills Home to Gene-Splicing Hijinx

All sorts of goodies have emerged in promotion of Scintilla now that the flick has found both UK and US distribution. Mongrel Media has acquired all rights for North America, and Metrodome will be bringing the flick to the UK.

Poster Premiere and a Look at the New Trailer for Scintilla

UK horror/sci-fi film Scintilla has some new artwork and a pretty effective trailer to share. Look for more soon on this tale of mercenaries who discover a radical scientist's shocking creations and must save future generations from a human race genetically spliced with alien DNA.

Scintillating First Details, Images, and Behind-the-Scenes Videos from New UK Horror/Sci-Fi Project Scintilla

Art Director Melanie Light dropped us a line today with the first details of a new project she's working on entitled Scintilla from AV Pictures. Read on to learn more and to see some stills and behind-the-scenes videos of the filming taking place now in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England.