John Lechago

Full Moon Readying Fifth Killjoy Flick!

Now that his four Killjoy flicks have made it to ROKU and other online outlets including Full Moon Streaming, Charles Band and company got in touch with us and let us know that a fifth Killjoy movie is officially on its way... and the title is...

Killjoy Goes to Hell and Goes on Trial in This New Trailer; Premere Info for Puppet Master: Axis Rising

Not sure if the world has been clamoring for a fourth Killjoy movie, but I must say Killjoy Goes to Hell looks quite intriguing. It's based around the idea of a demonic movie slasher being put on trial in the devil’s courtroom for repeatedly failing to kill his last victim.

Killjoy Goes to Hell in His Fourth Full Moon Outing

Killjoy 3 must have been a modest hit for Full Moon despite the near decade long lay-off between sequels. You won’t have to wait nearly ten more years for the next installment since Killjoy Goes to Hell is about to begin filming.

Bioslime Becomes Contagion, Infects Web with New Trailer

John Lechago's Bioslime is a little low budget horror flick I'm hoping will prove to be good deal of retro-style gooey gory fun. Now comes word that the film has a new trailer and with it a new title: Contagion.

Trailer for Killjoy 3 and a DVD Release Date

Charles Band's evil clown flick Killjoy came out in 2000. A sequel followed in 2002. I was under the impression that these films were not exactly warmly received, certainly not enough to warrant a third installment eight years later.

Final Teaser Trailer - Bio-Slime

Nothing tickles our fancy (or our naughty bits for that matter) quite like slime does. It's just so sticky! Bio-Slime, however, you may want to see a doctor about. Don't believe us? Check out the final teaser trailer for the flick!

New Bio-Slime Pics

While we’re still waiting to find out when we’ll actually get to see John Lechago’s awesomely-titled Bio-Slime for ourselves, the sickos over at Undead Backbrain just nabbed a slew of exclusive images from the upcoming sci-fi/horror hybrid, one of which you can see on your right.

Bio Slime Poster, Trailer

Like love at first sight, the poster for Bio Slime had me at “hello”. Wow, what a beautiful thing that is, and you know what? The trailer only adds to the beauty!