John KD Graham

Welcome This Official Trailer Home Sweet Home

A new trailer for John K.D. Graham's Home Sweet Home has arrived, and this is one trip to revisit your roots that you most likely won't be coming back from. Well, you could come back as a ghost, but that's an entirely different movie.

Details Revealed for Home Sweet Home on DVD

We told you a few weeks ago that Image Entertainment had picked up the distribution rights to John K.D. Graham's Home Sweet Home, and now we finally have a look at what to expect from the DVD once it gets here.

Image Entertainment Comes Home Sweet Home

Not to be confused with the David Morley flick of the same name we told you about yesterday, Image Entertainment has picked up the distribution rights to John K.D. Graham's Home Sweet Home. Look for more on this one soon, including a release date.

More Art Arrives for Home Sweet Home

A new one-sheet has come our way for the upcoming indie terror tale Home Sweet Home, and from the looks of things it has quite an axe to grind! Check it out right here and hope that said weapon is put to good and bloody use!

New One-Sheet and Trailer Welcome You Home Sweet Home

The worst thing about squatters, other than the fact that they usually smell hideous, is that sometimes they're really hard to get rid of. We're talking cockroach tough, man. Especially psychotic squatters. Those pricks are the worst.