John Hlavin

Kate Beckinsale Returning to Underworld

News that a fourth Underworld movie is preparing to go before the cameras is no surprise. That Kate Beckinsale will be returning as vampiric death dealer Selene might be somewhat surprising given her absence in the third installment that went the prequel route instead.

Underworld 4 Release Date Pushed to January 2012

So it appears things aren't coming together as quickly as hoped for the latest Underworld installment as its release date has just been pushed back from September 23, 2011, to January 20, 2012.

Shield Writer Tapped for Fourth Underworld Film

The Underworld franchise is pretty rare in that it actually has been getting better as it goes along. In fact, we'd call that a goddamn anomaly. With a fourth entry on the way, can the wheel keep rolling uphill?