John Getz

Ride the Elevator to Home Video

A pretty nifty little thriller called Elevator is on its way to home video this August, and we've got all the artwork and details that you need to decide if you wanna take the ride or the stairs. Read on for details.

Elevator (2011)

Starring Christopher Backus, Anita Briem, John Getz, Shirley Knight, Amanda and Rachel Pace, Devin Ratray, Joey Slotnick, George Axelrod, Tehmina Sunny, Waleed Zuaiter

First Look: Art, Trailer and Details - Elevator

For some people there's nothing worse than being caught in a small, confined area. Hell, enough time spent in one is enough to rattle just about anybody. However, what if getting stuck was the least of your worries? Strap in, kids! It's time to learn about another good reason to take the stairs.