John Darko

Nowheresville - Check Out a New Track from On Being Human

We told you about John Darko and John R. Leonetti's new series "Nowheresville" a while back, and now you can sample a song from its soundtrack from the band On Being Human entitled "Flesh on Fire." Greg M. Johnson of the band has been chosen to compose for “Nowheresville.”

Take a Trip Into Nowheresville with First Info About New TV Series

Horror-themed TV shows are all the rage right now, and it looks like we've got another one headed our way. Read on for details regarding how you can possibly take a trip to "Nowheresville" soon!

April Wade and Sam Weller Discuss the Success and Future of Killcam Live

Late last year we checked in on an online horror performance in which the characters were interacting live with the audience. Killcam Live was an extremely unique concept, a live horror event playing out before us.

Fans Are Responding to Killcam: Live's Unique Interactive Horror Experience

About a month ago we told you about April Wade and Canyon Prince's Killcam: Live, a hybrid web series/live action horror adventure that not only entertains audiences but invites them to become part of the action, to interact with the characters in the story, in real time, just as death is knocking on their door. Already almost a million viewers have become part of the growing "Killmunity".

Killcam Live to be First Interactive Social Networking Film

Okay now, this is a good idea. All of us have sat in front of a movie and just hung our heads at the direction it took. Either some of the characters were too dopey or the story dragged, but we've all wished for an opportunity to grab a movie halfway through viewing it and change the outcome. Well, gorehounds, Killcam Live is going to give you that chance this Halloween.

Popular Video Game Zombies Ate My Neighbors Getting the Screen Treatment?

One of my favorite video games to this day remains Konami's Zombies Ate My Neighbors, which originally appeared on both the Super NES and the Sega Genesis. Simply put, it was campy horror-loving fun that has endured through the years. Current day gamers with a Wii can even play it on the system's virtual console right now! For any good property a movie adaptation is never that far away.