John Cusack

A-List Cast Lines up for David Cronenberg's Ghostly Maps to the Stars

Those of you who have been hoping for David Cronenberg to direct a true horror film again might just be getting your wish - so long as you don't mind a bit of social commentary added to the mix.

Factory, The (DVD)

Starring John Cusack, Jennifer Carpenter, Dallas Roberts, Mae Whitman Directed by Morgan O’Neill

Exclusive Clip from The Factory Home to Missing Girls

Hitting home video February 19th is the long awaited flick from Warner Brothers The Factory, and we have an exclusive clip for you cats to sink your teeth into. Check it out, and look for our review very soon!

Paranormal Activity 2 Director to Use Stephen King's Cell

Things have been pretty quiet concerning the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's Cell, but with time comes movement and with movement comes news - or extra time in the bathroom depending on your definition of movement.

Warner Bros. Finally Opening The Factory on DVD

We actually rubbed our eyes to make sure we were really seeing this happen. The Factory starring John Cusack and Jennifer Carpenter is finally getting a home video release. It sure has been a long road considering the flick went into production during 2007.

John Cusack to Star in Cell

In theaters right now, you can catch John Cusack doing some of his most powerful work as an actor in Lee Daniels' The Paperboy. It's an odd film, with darkly hilarious moments that give way to some truly chilling ones, and Cusack downright terrifies. It's fitting, then, that he signs on for another odyssey of madness, this time from the mind of Stephen King.

Elijah Wood, Leigh Whannell, and Steven Schneider Want to Give You Cooties

Synchronicity Entertainment has unveiled its debut slate of three new feature films, which include horror project Cooties from writer Leigh Whannell (Saw, Insidious) and producer Steven Schneider (Paranormal Activity franchise) starring Elijah Wood.

Raven, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring John Cusack, Luke Evans, Alice Eve, Brendan Gleeson Directed by James McTeigue

Enter Satellite EDM's The Raven Remix Contest to Win $1,000 and an Official Release

In honor of today's home video release of The Raven, Satellite EDM has joined with legendary musician Alan Parsons to launch an exclusive remix contest, courtesy of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Read on for the details; if you're musically inclined, you could win $1,000 and more!

Check Out The Raven Interactive Murder Map

In anticipation of The Raven's home video arrival on October 9th, 2012, the powers-that-be have concocted an interactive murder map to help you keep track of all the grisly Poe inspired crime scenes! Dig it!

The Raven - Are You a Victim or a Serial Killer?

Interesting question, huh? In celebration of The Raven's home video arrival on October 9th, 2012, the powers-that-be have concocted an interactive ink blot test to determine the answer. Turn up your sound, turn on your camera if you have one, and dig it!

Full Specs Fly in for The Raven

The official DVD and Blu-ray specs for The Raven have roosted in our offices, and before we yell at this little motherplucker to get out, we figured we share the details with you cats. Check it all out, and then guzzle down a cask of amontillado.

Early DVD and Blu-ray Artwork for The Raven

Okay, so we don't have a single clue when it's coming out or what's going to be on it, but we do have the official Blu-ray and DVD artwork for The Raven. That counts for something, right? Brownie points maybe? A pat on the back?

First Images from Frozen Ground Defrosted

The first round of imagery for The Frozen Ground, the directorial debut of Scott Walker, who also wrote the script which is based on true events surrounding Alaska’s most notorious serial predator, Robert Hansen, has come our way. Dig it!

Quote The Raven Review ... Nevermore!

We've tangoed with John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe on the trail of a sadistic murderer and emerged from the experience unscathed. Will the review be as lucky? Read on for the verdict and find out.