John Carpenter

Indie Horror Month Video Interview: Master of Horror John Carpenter Reflects on the Early Days of His Career

After giving fans so many horror stories to fall in love with for over 30 years now, there's not much that hasn't already been said a million times regarding John Carpenter's contributions to our beloved genre, which is why for Indie Horror Month we decided to let the man speak for himself.

The Thing. The Musical. The Hilarity.

You know what, man? We just cannot get tired of John Carpenter's The Thing. We'll take it in every way shape and form as long as its heart is in the right place and it celebrates the experience of the ultimate in alien terror.

It's Coming! Dread Central's Indie Horror Month Celebration Kicks Off March 1st

With March just right around the corner, we thought it was about time to unveil some of the awesomeness we've been busy putting together over the last month or so for Dread Central's upcoming Indie Horror Month celebration.

Master of Horror John Carpenter Announced for 10th Anniversary of Chicago's Flashback Weekend

Midwestern horror fans, listen up! If you've never made it out for Chicago's longest running horror convention- Flashback Weekend- then you've been missing out over the last ten years.

Announcing the First Guest for Dread Central's Indie Horror Month Coming This March - John Carpenter!

With 2012 already being a few weeks in and the month of March sneaking up on us rather quickly, we thought it might be fun to give you guys a taste of what you can expect from Dread Central's Indie Horror Month celebration when it kicks off on March 1st.

UK Readers: Grimm Up North Hosting Two Special January Screenings - Seventies Sci-Fi and Italian Cult Classics

Our good buddies across the pond at Grimm Up North in Manchester, England, are putting on two special screenings this month: SEVENTIES SCI-FI SPECIAL featuring John Carpenter’s Dark Star and a documentary on the film, Let There Be Light: The Legacy of Dark Star, followed a few days later by a double bill of Dario Argento’s Four Flies on Grey Velvet and Michele Soavi’s Dellamorte Dellamore.

Best Idea EVER - New Remake of John Carpenter's The Thing

We've seen the premake and marveled at how good it could have been. Now, with the memory of that box office miss still floating freely in our heads, yet another remake of John Carpenter's classic The Thing has reared its other heads.

Halloween II Blu-ray - Justice Has Been Served!

And who says that making some noise doesn't get anywhere? Back in September we reported that Universal had released Halloween II on Blu-ray with Moustapha Akkad’s name sinfully omitted from the film's opening credits. Fans were in an outrage. Universal listened.

John Carpenter Offers Fans a Trick and a Treat in Latest Halloween Spoof - Charlie Brown: Blockhead's Revenge

This is it, kids! Halloween weekend! Time for boils and ghouls of every age, shape, and size to shed their skin and have some fun, and that's exactly what horror icon John Carpenter has done with this latest short film!

John Carpenter's First Student Film, Captain Voyeur, Discovered at USC

Everyone starts somewhere, and some pretty bitchin' news has come that John Carpenter's very first student film, Captain Voyeur, has been found at USC. Even cooler? It bears some resemblance to the 1978 classic Halloween (which just celebrated its 33rd anniversary yesterday)!

Dissecting the Thing: The Premake's Road to John Carpenter's Vision

First off, consider me to be a full-fledged obsessive fan of John Carpenter's The Thing. It was one of the formative films of my youth and remains to this day one of my all time favorite movies...period. It's an expert examination of escalating paranoia and pressure-cooker suspense with a stellar cast, nimble and effective screenwriting, dread-soaked photography and score, and expert finely-tuned direction that never missteps once. All of this, and one of the most kick-ass "downer" endings that earns its hard-won finality from a film whose tone signals death and resigned self-sacrifice from the very get-go.

Creature Features Presents The Thing Reunion Screening, October 13th

So you're stoked for the prequel to The Thing, which comes out on October 14. Of course you are; who wouldn't be? Another tango with a hideous intergalactic horror…Hell yeah, I'm in. But to make the dish even sweeter, Creature Features has the perfect appetizer for those of you in the Hollywood area.

Moustapha Akkad’s Name Removed From Universal’s Halloween II Blu-ray

It’s a tough time to bask in nostalgia. Between the already notorious (and unwanted) changes to the as-of-yet-to-be-released Star Wars saga collections to a much less publicized edit on Universal’s Halloween II Blu-ray, old school fans are certainly getting the shaft when it comes to reliving childhood favorites in glorious high definition.

Darkchylde Fine Art Statue Available for Order September 8th

Ah ... Ariel Chylde. I've spent many, many lonely nights in the quiet confines of Doctor Gash's secret laboratory admiring your…ahem…courage. But we all know Ariel has assets far beyond her courage and the beautiful character will be on display in all her glory in an amazing upcoming figure.