Joel Silver

Leigh Whannell Becomes a Victim of Home Invasion

Sean Carter's upcoming thriller Home Invasion has an impressive cast that continues to strengthen. Today, it's Saw scribe Leigh Whannell who joins the cast just in time to add an air of mystery to the proceedings.

The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs Fends Off Attackers in Home Invasion

Sean Carter's upcoming thriller Home Invasion has just gotten itself quite a fighter in its latest cast acquisition, Chandler Riggs, and given how well Riggs can dispatch walkers, attackers should be no problem at all.

Under the Dome's Natalie Martinez Latest Victim of a Home Invasion

Some new casting news has come for Sean Carter's upcoming thriller Home Invasion, and we have the skinny for you right here. You won't even have to be tied to a chair to enjoy it either. Read on for details.

Early Home Invasion Sales Art Breaks In

New sales art and a few breaking details for Sean Carter's upcoming thriller Home Invasion have busted in, and we have them all for you right here. We didn't even have to invade your home to do so. Though we did think about it. A lot.

Bella Thorne Shakes Things Up and Lands the Lead in Home Invasion

The first bit of casting news for Sean Carter's upcoming thriller Home Invasion has busted in, and it involves a Disney Channel ingenue who's ready to dabble once again in the horror genre.

Joel Silver - Victim of a Frightening Home Invasion

Okay, so that headline sounds pretty dramatic, but when word of a film with a painfully generic title comes our way, we have to do or say something to grab you guys! Read on for the latest horror flick from Joel Silver and Voltage Pictures.

ABC Family to Hunt Killers with Joel Silver

Things are hard for teenagers. Acne, puberty, homework... and oh yeah, having parents who are homicidal maniacs. Break out your Ritalin, kids; it's time for another family-friendly young adult adaptation!

Demons Find Sanctuary at Paramount

Paramount keeps on rolling with yet another tale of demonic possession. Hopefully this one won't send 99.9% of the movie-going audience into a spite-filled frenzy of hatred and disdain. Read on for the skinny.

Julianna Guill Sees Lincoln's Apparition

The remake of Friday the 13th's main bit of eye candy, Julianna Guill, has just landed herself a new gig. Instead of tangoing with hockey masked killers, she's gonna be dealing with a completely different type of big bad!

Two More Join The Apparition

Two more faces have joined on to be a part of Dark Castle's upcoming spooker The Apparition, and we've got the skinny on whom those faces belong to. See that? Your day is now complete!

Todd Lincoln Prepping Shoot for The Apparition

Bucking the trend of updating the masses via Twitter, Todd Lincoln has instead opted to communicate via Facebook, where he provided an update on the status of The Apparition, which he's writing and directing for Joel Silver's Dark Castle.

Twilight Saga's Ashley Greene May Be Seeing an Apparition

Now that she's gained the kind of notoriety most actors only dream of by portraying Alice Cullen, adopted "sister" of Edward, in The Twilight Saga, Ashley Greene is undoubtedly fielding offers left and right. It's good to see her sticking with our genre as she appears to be in final talks to star in a new film entitled The Apparition.

Joel Silver Planting Seeds for Swamp Thing's Return?

To the best of my knowledge the world has not been clamoring for the big screen return of Swamp Thing but then it's not like remaking DC Comic's Swamp Thing would be sacrilege. Wes Craven's 1982 film version was enjoyably campy and Jim Wynorski's 1989 sequel tested the limits of campy fun; neither are classics. If uber producer Joel Silver wants to remake Swamp Thing in 3D, I say go for it.

15 Films in 5 Years for Dark Castle

Variety is reporting that Germany’s Studio Babelsberg has drawn up a five-year, fifteen-film production agreement with producer Joel Silver. The films will be produced under the banner of Dark Castle and are planned to be distributed by Warner Bros.