Joe Spinell

Maniac Getting a Theatrical Release for Its 30th Anniversary

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Bill Lustig’s infamous flick Maniac, Grindhouse Releasing has a struck a new 35mm print, and it’s coming to a North American theater near you!

Blue Underground Unleashing Maniac on Blu-ray

"I WARNED YOU NOT TO GO OUT TONIGHT!" Those of us thirty-somethings out there who are horror fans still have those words ringing in our ears from the numerous TV and radio spots for the now classic slasher flick Maniac. And now Blue Underground is gearing up to bring those chills to high definition!

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Last Horror Film

1982's The Last Horror Film stars Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro and was filmed by David Winters on location at the Cannes Film Festival. It holds a special place in the hearts of many horror fans since it reunited Spinell and Munro, who worked together on the classic Maniac, but that's no guarantee it'll be spared Trembles' "special" way of reviewing movies for us.

Troma Readies Last Horror Film DVD

Without question Maniac was one of the single greatest slasher films of the Eighties. It had everything we loved about the subgenre and it had it in spades. Another thing going for it was the stellar performance of the late Joe Spinell. Now Troma is set to unleash another Spinell slasher classic, The Last Horror Film on to DVD.