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Night of the Living Dead: Origins Shambles to Cannes

Night of the Living Dead: Origins has been shambling around for a few years now, and it will just not stay dead! The next stop for this 3D animated retelling of the George A. Romero classic is Cannes, and we have new stills and more for ya!

Day of the Dead (Blu-ray)

Starring Lori Cardille, Joe Pilato, Gary Klar, Howard Sherman Directed by George A. Romero

Bollywood Star R. Madhavan Added to List of Survivors in Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D

It's been a few months since we've had anything to report in regards to Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D, another re-imagining of Romero's classic. This one sets itself apart by being a fully animated affair, starring some pretty familiar faces as the characters from the original film.

Ghouls, The (UK DVD)

Starring Timothy Muskatell, Joe Pilato, Tina Birchfield, James Gunn, Stephen Blackehart Directed by Chad Ferrin

Joe Pilato Opens His Journal: Another Day in Deadland

There's not a single zombie fan on this planet who does not harbor a soft spot for the infamous Captain Rhodes, played by the always entertaining Joe Pilato in George Romero's classic Day of the Dead. Now, thanks to a new book, you'll get to know him a bit better.

Night of the Living Dead: Origins Selling Internationally

It's been a long road to get Night of the Living Dead: Origins, one of several recent new takes on the classic George A. Romero film, out of the starting gate and into the hands of the general public, but that could soon be changing.

UPDATE: Truly Badass Trailer Debut: Zebediah De Soto's Night of the Living Dead: Origins

It's been a long time coming, but then again some things are worth the wait. Especially hungry dead things looking to make you their next meal. Hold on to your asses, kids, for your first look at a new take on the classic George A. Romero film entitled Night of the Living Dead: Origins.

Jonathan Lewis' Horror Anthology The Black Box to Premiere at the New Beverly in LA

Here at Dread Central we love seeing the indie filmmaker make good. You just never know where the next big director is going to come from. We can tell you, however, what one of the craziest is up to next. Get ready to open Jonathan Lewis' The Black Box! From the Press Release:

Jonathan Lewis Readying New Anthology: The Black Box - Joe Pilato Wax Off!

Director Jonathan Lewis (Black Devil Doll) is readying a new anthology film for release called The Black Box, which is set to offer up four tales of horror and absurdity plus a nice little wrap-around to tie everything together. Ready for the teaser trailer of one of the segments starring one really familiar face?

Exclusive Early Character Test Rendering: Night of the Living Dead Origins

We recently got our hands on some old test render footage from the upcoming Night of the Living Dead: Origins project helmed by our buddy Zeb De Soto.

New Promo Art: Night of the Living Dead: Origins

More living dead inspired goodness coming in for Zebediah De Soto's latest 3D take on the world created by the legendary George A. Romero, Night of the Living Dead: Origins.

New Facebook Page and Title Treatment: Night of the Living Dead Origins

So how do you kick off your work week? If you're anything like us, you do it by scouring for horror news you may have missed over the weekend, putting away your polyester leisure suit until Friday, oh, and looking for stuff to do on Facebook while nobody's lookin'! Speaking of which ...

Exclusive: More Night of the Living Dead: Origins Images

More exclusive artwork has come our way for Zebediah de Soto's upcoming 3D animated feature film Night of the Living Dead: Origins, and like everything else we've seen from this project, things are lookin' pretty damned cool.

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers – Win a Copy of the New Day of the Dead Blu-ray!

Next Monday, 5th April, sees the UK release of Arrow Video’s amazing high-def reissue of George Romero’s classic Day of the Dead - and we’ve got three copies to give away to lucky readers!

Day of the Dead (UK Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Gareth Jones Starring Lori Cardille, Richard Liberty, Joe Pilato, Gary Klar, Terry Alexander, Anthony Dileo, Jr., Howard Sherman Written and directed by George A. Romero Distributed by Arrow Video