Joe Manganiello

First Official Trailer for True Blood Season Five

Finally a full length trailer has been released for the upcoming fifth season of the hit HBO vampire series "True Blood." Sit back, relax, and bite into a warm one. Just remember to wipe your mouth when finished. Blood mustaches look far sillier than milk ones!

A Dozen New Character Posters for True Blood Season 5

With this new batch of character posters for Season 5 of "True Blood" comes good news and bad. Since Denis O'Hare's Russell is among them, we can happily assume we'll be seeing his character again soon. On the minus side, Rutina Wesley's Tara is also there so it looks like reports of her demise may have been premature.

Even Vamps Make Mistakes in New True Blood Season 5 Promo

Another new promo has arrived for the upcoming Season 5 of "True Blood" on HBO, and this one highlights, in a most entertaining fashion, the mistakes vamps make.

New True Blood Season 5 Promo Reminds Us Waiting Sucks

Another new promo has arrived for Season 5 of HBO's "True Blood", and this one is a bit nostalgic as it reminds us all just how much waiting sucks. Check it out - we have both the short version and the extended HBO GO version right here!

True Blood's Joe Manganiello Joins Anne Rice at Los Angeles The Wolf Gift Signing

If you've attended a horror convention, you've no doubt been star-struck once or twice, but it isn't often you see celebrities themselves in that position. That's exactly what happened when actor Joe Manganiello met author Anne Rice at her February 17th The Wolf Gift signing in LA.

True Blood Casting News: Dale Dickey to Portray Marcus' Mom

You may not know the name, but we're pretty you'll recognize the face. Dale Dickey, winner of the 2011 Independent Spirit Award - Best Supporting Female for Winter's Bone, has joined the cast of HBO's "True Blood" as the mother of dearly departed werewolf packmaster Marcus Bozeman (played by Dan Buran).

True Blood: Season Five Will Introduce Eric Northman's Vampire Sister and Get Biblical

Interesting news coming in for all you fangbangers out there. Sounds as if they're really looking to keep it in the family next season on "True Blood" as a sibling will be popping up that's guaranteed to stir up all kinds of trouble.

A Look at What's Ahead in Season 5 of True Blood

After last Sunday night's season finale of "True Blood", we thought we'd have to wait a while before hearing about what's in store for fans of the show in Season 5; however, co-executive producer Raelle Tucker had a chat with EW.com and spilled some beans. Read on for the details, but beware of a few spoilers if you're not done with Season 4.

Take a Peek at the True Blood Season Finale With Two Preview Clips

Another summer ends and with it goes yet another season of "True Blood." Word on the street is that this hasn't been the best season of the popular HBO series, but maybe the finale, entitled "And When I Die", will step up and deliver? Having just watched these clips, I'd say it doesn't appear so, but perhaps I'm wrong.

True Blood: Recap and Inside the Episode of "Soul of Fire"; Preview of Season Finale "And When I Die"

This is it, fangbangers! "And When I Die", the season finale of "True Blood", is happening this Sunday, September 11th; and then it's another loooong wait until Season 5, when hopefully the series will get back on track without those meddlesome witches casting spells and causing mayhem! But first, how about a quick recap and "Inside the Episode" look at "Soul of Fire" with writer Mark Hudis and director Michael Lehmann?

Three Clips from True Blood Episode 47 - Soul of Fire and a Preview of the Finale - Death Is Coming

Yes, fangbangers, we're down to the final two episodes of this season of "True Blood", and what a bumpy road it has been. From the looks of the three clips from this week's episode and a sneak peek at the finale, we all better buckle our seat belts for the remainder of the ride!

True Blood: Recap and Inside the Episode of "Burning Down the House"; Preview of "Soul of Fire"

Everybody caught up on "True Blood" after last night's episode and ready for the season's penultimate ep over Labor Day weekend entitled "Soul of Fire"? Before we check out a preview of "Soul of Fire", how about a quick recap and "Inside the Episode" look at "Burning Down the House" with showrunner Alan Ball and director Lesli Linka Glatter?

True Blood: A Trio of Preview Clips from Burning Down the House

Just three episodes are left for HBO's "True Blood" to salvage what most of here at Dread Central feel has been a mixed bag of a season at best so here's hoping these three clips from the upcoming Episode 46, "Burning Down the House", show some improvement over what we've seen during the past couple of weeks.

True Blood: Recap and Inside the Episode of "Let's Get Out of Here"; Preview of "Burning Down the House"

It's another Monday, which of course means it's time to rehash last night's "True Blood" a bit. Personally I thought it was one of the weakest entries of the season, but with just three eps to go, I'm holding out hope things will improve as we approach the finale. Here are a recap and "Inside the Episode" look at "Let's Get Out of Here" along with a preview of next week's "Burning Down the House".

Three Preview Clips for True Blood Episode 45 - Let's Get Out of Here

While we wait to see if Eric is going to get his memory back in one of the four remaining "True Blood" episodes airing this season, HBO has provided three sneak peeks at this Sunday's ep, entitled "Let's Get Out of Here", which sadly don't shed much light on that particular question but do offer up a bit of what else we can expect.