Joe Lynch

Film4 FrightFest 2011: Demon Semen Flies in New Chillerama Image

A new image of one anthology film that we're really looking forward to around here, Chillerama, has squirted its way online courtesy of the Film4 FrightFest, and we have every gooey pixel of it right here for ya!

Chillerama - Richard Riehle Serving Hot Lead with His Popcorn

In case you couldn't tell from the wondrous scent of gunfire and gore in the air, we're getting closer to the release of the highly anticipated anthology film Chillerama. Time for another quick look!

Production Ramps Up for Joe Lynch's Everly

While we anxiously await the release of director Joe Lynch's Knights of Badassdom as well as the anthology film Chillerama of which he's a part, Lynch himself is hardly resting on his laurels as word broke today of the next project he'll be helming: action thriller Everly.

Exclusive Set Visit Report: Dread Central Checks Out Final Night of Chillerama Shoot and Teaser Art Debut

This writer has been to the beloved New Beverly Cinema countless times over the last several years, but not for something nearly as cool as what I experienced last Wednesday night.

Knights of Badassdom - Peter Dinklage About to Bludgeon Ryan Kwanten

Two fantastic things ... A new still from Joe Lynch's Knights of Badassdom has sliced its way online, and we got to use the word "bludgeon" in a headline! This is how we like starting off the day!

Stare Down Peter Dinklage in First Knights of Badassdom Still

Just in time for Valentine's Day director Joe Lynch has shown fans some love by releasing the first official still from his upcoming flick, Knights of Badassdom!

Exclusive Never Before Seen Images: Danielle Harris and Joe Lynch - The Bloody Best Project!

If there's one project that has us excited beyond words if only because of its absolute coolness and badassery, it's The Bloody Best Project, and, man, do we have a treat for you!

Exclusive Set Visit: Chillerama - Tim Sullivan's I Was a Teenage Werebear Segment

Dread recently visited the set of filmmaker Tim Sullivan’s latest flick Chillerama and spent some time chatting with him, as well as the cast, regarding his rather gonzo segment of the horror-comedy anthology.

Yearly ArieScope Halloween Short Now Online - Remember to Just Take One!

Just like snorting ground candy corn, bobbing for nipple-tassles, and cahvin' our fahkin' pumpkins, kid, it's become a Halloween tradition here in the Dread Central offices to gather 'round the monitor and watch Adam Green and ArieScope Pictures' yearly Halloween short and this latest one does not disappoint!

Adam Green and Joe Lynch's Road to Frightfest 2010

If there's one thing we look forward to every year pertaining to London's Film4 FrightFest, it's Adam Green and Joe Lynch's short films that kick off every night of the event called simply the Road to FrightFest. Why? If you haven't seen them, then, dude, you need to do some catching up like yesterday. They're the good shit! Click here for the previous Road to FrightFest shenanigans.

Film4 FrightFest 2010: First Word - Badass New Anthology on the Way - Chillerama

Quick little piece of breaking info from FrightFest. Adam Green and Joe Lynch have revealed that they're working on an anthology flick called Chillerama, which will hopefully be released next year. Chillerama concerns the final night in existence of the very last drive-in theater in America in which the owner decides that before everything closes for good, he wants to show four of the most -- to quote Joe Lynch -- "fucked up" movies in existence. Said movies come in the following forms:

It's a Wrap for Joe Lynch's Knights of Badassdom

Exactly one month and ten days after it started, principal photography has wrapped on Knights of Badassdom up in Spokane, Washington. The film is directed by Joe Lynch and based on a script penned by Kevin Dreyfuss and Matt Wall.

New Gore-Soaked Behind-the-Scenes Image: Joe Lynch's Knights of Badassdom

Every day director Joe Lynch has been posting a new behind-the-scenes image from his latest film, Knights of Badassdom, but today he lays it on thick with the gruesome! Knowing what a madman he is, we've been waiting for a shot like this one! Huzzah!

Two Very Familiar Faces to Pop Up in Joe Lynch's Knights of Badassdom - Larry Zerner and Brian Posehn

Few movies have us more excited than we are for Joe Lynch's next slice of sick, Knights of Badassdom. I mean the title alone is a seller, is it not? Well, the pot just got a little bit sweeter thanks to a couple of cameos that have come to light.

Knights of Badassdom Website Opens its Doors

The website for director Joe Lynch's next slice of sick, The Knights of Badassdom, has officially opened its doors to fans seeking the answer to the ever elusive riddle of badassery! The answers you seek await inside!