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Move to Holliston on Home Video

FEARnet's original horror sitcom "Holliston" is coming home for everyone to enjoy, and we've got all the details on the release right here for you! Check it out, and use this as a crash course in lunacy for Season Two!

Chat with the Cast of Holliston TONIGHT!

Sitting around waiting for something horror related to happen today that's insanely cool? Well then, how about you take us up on the chance to chat with the cast of FEARnet's hit sitcom "Holliston?" Read on for details.

Seth Green Visits Holliston

There's no doubt about it; Adam Green and Joe Lynch's show for FEARnet, "Holliston", is kicking ass and taking names. Speaking of names, a new one will be joining the shenanigans next week who'll be very familiar to "Robot Chicken" and "Buffy" fans.

Holliston Renewed for Another Season; Watch Two Clips from Tonight's Episode - Skunked

Some good news has come in regarding FEARnet's new show "Holliston". Despite it being just a few weeks old, the network has already renewed it for a second season with new episodes heading our way in the summer of 2013.

A Sneak Peek of Holliston Episode 2

So, did everyone watch the series premiere of "Holliston" earlier this week? Hopefully so because in order to get you geared up for Episode 2, "Camera Rental", we have a sneak peek of the ep, in which Bill Moseley, Ray Wise, and Parry Shen guest star.

Episode One of Holliston Now Available on iTunes

Dying to see the new horror-themed sitcom "Holliston" (review here), but FEARnet is unavailable in your area? No worries! The first episode of the show is available right now on iTunes!

Exclusive Interview: Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Corri English and Laura Ortiz Discuss Upcoming FEARnet Sitcom Holliston

On April 3rd FEARnet is set to unleash its brand new horror sitcom "Holliston" (review here) at 10:30 pm EST/9:30 pm CST in the hopes of breaking new ground with the unusual project.

Tune-In Reminder and a Clip from Holliston's Season Premiere

In case you've somehow missed all the stories we've done on "Holliston", the new series created by Adam Green, here's a reminder that it invades homes on Tuesday, April 3rd, at 10:30 pm on FEARnet. And in honor of the occasion, we have a new clip to share.

Holliston Cast to Chat Live During Episodes

Anticipation for the Adam Green created series "Holliston" (review here) continues to grow, and we've just gotten some new information that's going to make the show that much more fun... Viewers will be able to live chat with the stars while the program airs.

Holliston (Television)

Starring Adam Green, Corri English, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, Dee Snider Created by Adam Green

Indie Horror Month: Short Film Debut - Andrew Kasch's Thirsty

Feeling parched for some horror comedy? Then pull up a chair and get ready for all sorts of beverage-induced hilarity with Dread Central’s own Andrew Kasch’s short film Thirsty, which we are proud to debut (for 24 hours only!) as part of our Indie Horror Month celebration this March.

SXSW 2012: Footage from the Holliston Panel

This past Sunday, March 11th, during the SXSW Film Festival, a "Holliston" panel was held with creator, director, actor, and genre favorite Adam Green, actor and executive producer Joe Lynch, and FEARnet president and executive producer Peter Block during which some footage was shown, and now we have it here for you in all its unedited glory!

Adam Green and Joe Lynch Hit the Road with Holliston

Never being ones to sit still, Adam Green and Joe Lynch, creators of FEARnet's original series "Holliston," are taking their show on a national tour from coasts to coast in anticipation of the "Holliston" premiere next month. Also in attendance on the tour will be the show's lovely co-stars Laura Ortiz and Corri English.

Boston Residents Have a Chance to See Holliston Early

We're all excited for Adam Green and Joe Lynch's upcoming sitcom "Holliston", and as an East Coaster, I'm doubly excited to see a little favoritism when it comes to having the opportunity to check out the first two episodes early.

New Holliston One-Sheet Bares All

We've spent a lot of time looking at the new one-sheet for Adam Green and Joe Lynch's "Holliston," and though we're sure the boys spent lots of time getting in shape for it, we see only two things ... Corri English and Laura Ortiz. Two words ... thank you!