Joe Lynch

Tweet Along with Wrong Turn 2 Director Joe Lynch

This weekend sees two showings of the better than it should have been Wrong Turn 2 on Syfy as part of the channel's "31 Days of Halloween" programming. You can catch it Saturday, 10/03/09 at 9PM ET/6PM PT and again on Sunday, 10/04/09 at 5PM ET/2PM PT. Normally we wouldn't report on a film being shown on TV -- after all, that happens every day -- but this one has an added bonus. Read on for more details.

Adam Green and Joe Lynch to Deliver Coffee and Donuts

Filmmakers Green and Lynch have very much developed into a bit of a comedy team given the success of their Road to Frightfest short films (watch Road to Frightfest year one here and Road to Frightfest year two here). As a result the writing was kind of on the wall that a more formal collaboration wouldn't be that far off.

Joe Lynch's Body Count Continues to Mount

Joe Lynch returns with another edition of his horror branded segment on G4's "Attack of the Show" with a sack (or should I say sac?) full of horror goodies and recommendations that you should wise up and seek out. You listening, budding horror fan? Yes, you! Drop your damned Twilight books and learn something, why don't ya?

Adam Green and Joe Lynch's Road to Frightfest: American Douchebags in London

Last year directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch shot a series of short films detailing the duo's hilarious Road to Frightfest that ended in their eventual deaths. Well, despite their demise, every good film deserves a sequel so allow me to direct you to American Douchebags in London.

Joe Lynch to Introduce Us to the KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM

How's that for a title? Seriously, it only seems right written out in caps. KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM! We fuckin' love it! Ever since the better than it had any right to be Wrong Turn 2, we've all been waiting for Joe Lynch to get back into the director's chair. Now he's returning with a vengeance.

Thirsty to Premiere at Rhode Island Int'l Film Fest

It's been a long time coming for those of us who have been following the progress of the short film called "Thirsty" since its inception, but we're pleased to announce that it will be having its world premiere this Friday, August 7th, at midnight, during the 13th annual Rhode Island International Film Festival. Way to go, guys!

Joe Lynch's Body Count Continues

Horror-meister and director Joe Lynch has just completed work on the second episode of his Body Count feature on G4's "Attack of the Show", and of course we've got a look at it for ya!

Joe Lynch Starts The Body Count

Yesterday director Joe Lynch debuted his latest segment on G4TV's "Attack of the Show" called Body Count, in which he got to recommend some horror that you should not be without!

The Road to FrightFest Comes to an End!

For the past several weeks we have gotten a lot of laughs from Adam and Joe thanks to their Road to FrightFest short films. Unfortunately, this good time has ended in tragedy ...

The Road to FrightFest Returns Again!

I know, you’ve all been waiting for this so we’re giving it to you early this time: Joe Lynch & Adam Green’s ongoing hilarity-fest, “The Road to Fright Fest”, just posted its fourth and most hilarity-filled episode to date!

Green & Lynch's Road to FrightFest Returns!

Just when you thought you were done laughing at the antics of those wacky bastards Joe Lynch and Adam Green, another entry in their “Road to FrightFest” appears! Just move your clicky thing over the arrow thing on the box thing below to take a deep lungful of episode 3! Fore more info and to check out the older episodes, head on over to the Ariescope website and hit "play".

More Hilarity From Green & Lynch

All right, those sickos known as Adam Green and Joe Lynch have uploaded the next segment in their epic series created exclusively for FrightFest! I hope these guys pool their resources someday and make a damn film together!

Green and Lynch's Road to FrightFest

Anyone who has seen Wrong Turn 2 or Hatchet is very familiar with the names Joe Lynch and Adam Green. Part of what makes these two young filmmakers so credible within the horror genre is that first and foremost they are fans. They live it. They breathe it. They're two of our own. When the two of them get together, good things happen. Good and pretty damned funny!

Dinner for Fiends: Two Years of Dread!

As some of you may be aware, tomorrow (July 4th, 2008) is Dread Central’s two-year anniversary online as our own independent, ass kicking, horror loving, monster hugging entity. And we thought it only appropriate that we celebrate with a special stroke-filled Dinner for Fiends!

Wrong Turn 3 Welcomes New Director

Last October we knew that Wrong Turn 3 was most likely on the way thanks in part to Joe Lynch's kickass sequel (review), but it looks like we won't be seeing a return of the fuzzy one to the backwoods of West Virginia.