Joe Hill

Daniel Radcliffe Chats from the Set of Horns

ET Canada just scored an interview with Daniel Radcliffe on the Squamish, BC, set of the currently filming Horns from Alexandre Aja, and we have a bit of the video to show you right here.

Daniel Radcliffe Gets Physical on the Set of Horns

Several on-set photos of Daniel Radcliffe in character while filming Horns have landed online, and we have a few of them here to whet your appetite to see the rest. The pictures show Radcliffe being surprised by the police in the middle of his investigation, and he's looking very ornery... and horny.

First Look at One Horny Daniel Radcliffe in Horns

Entertainment Weekly scored the first look at actor Daniel Radcliffe in full character regalia from the big screen adaptation of Joe Hill's Horns, and we have it for you right here. Dig it and let us know... Does he make you horny, baby?

Dexter's James Remar Grows Horns

Even though everyone pretty much knows him as the ghostly and caring father of "Dexter," James Remar will always be Ajax from The Warriors to us. Given that Michael Beck's (Swan) career ended in Xanadu, we all now know who the real Warchief was.

Three More Young Actors Eying Roles in Alexandre Aja's Horns

Three more young actors are in negotiations to appear in Alexandre Aja's adaptation of Joe Hill's popular novel Horns, and we have all the details you need right here!

Max Minghella and His Eyebrows in Talks for Horns

More possible casting news is coming in for Horns, a satanic horror film directed by Alexandre Aja and sourced from Joe Hill's novel of the same name. Read on for the latest, and for god's sake, can someone please break out a tweezer?

Daniel Radcliffe Locks Horns

Hot off The Woman in Black, it's nice to see star Daniel Radcliffe eager to continue his exploration of the genre. Today we've got word that the man who was Harry Potter has signed on to star in one hell of a movie adaptation.

Stephen King and Joe Hill Collaborating on a Story for Esquire Magazine's Fiction for Men

We're not entirely sure what Esquire has in mind for its new ebook series "Fiction for Men", but as part of the launch they will be publishing a new story collaboration by father and son team Stephen King and Joe Hill entitled "In the Tall Grass". Hopefully women will be allowed to read it, too!

The Horror Highlights of WonderCon 2012

It's almost time for WonderCon 2012 to start packing fans into the Anaheim Convention Center, and we have the horror highlights of the three-day event that runs from March 16th-18th right here.

WonderCon 2012 Heading South to Anaheim, California

Some of you may not know that the San Diego Comic-Con has a little sister known as WonderCon, which is typically held in San Francisco, but this year things are going to be a bit different. Due to renovation work taking place at Moscone Center South, the Con's usual home, the powers-that-be have opted to relocate it to the Anaheim Convention Center for its 2012 run of March 16th-18th rather than cancel or postpone it.

Alexandre Aja Has Horns!

Hopefully this isn't a permanent affliction for the director of Haute Tension, The Hills Have Eyes, and Piranha 3D. We can't imagine waking up one day and ... Huh? Oh. Never mind. Another adaptation is on its way!

Could Locke & Key Find a Home at MTV?

In what sounds a lot like a wishful thinking kind of story, the rumor's out there that the television adaptation of Joe Hill's Locke & Key graphic novel could possibly be heading to MTV. But before you get too excited, note that while MTV programming chief David Janollari "likes" the show, he has yet to meet with the "Locke & Key" producers.

Locke & Key Trailer Reminds Us of What Could Have Been

Remember the good old days when a television adaptation of Joe Hill's Locke & Key graphic novel was very much in the cards for Fox until they foolishly passed up on what could have been one hell of a property? No? Well here's a trailer to depress you further.

Joe Hill Ready to Start Twittering from the Circus of the Dead on the Big Screen

The son of horror legend Stephen King, Joe Hill, is on the fast track to Hollywood gold as yet another of his stories have been picked up for adaptation. One that brings technology together with the living dead!

Fox Not Picking Up Locke & Key for Next Season

Well now. Here's some news we really didn't expect to be reporting. News that really, really sucks. Were you excited about Fox's small screen adaptation of Joe Hill's (son of Stephen King) Locke & Key? Looks like you'll be containing that excitement for some time to come.