Joe Harris

Two New Stills from The Descent Part II

Two new stills have surfaced today for The Descent Part II, which is getting set to make its premiere at Film 4 FrightFest in the UK, and we've imported them here for you along with a hot plate of fist and chips!

Tiny Descent 2 Poster

A low-res, tiny sliver of poster art popped up today for The Descent Part 2, and it's further proof that good things can come in small packages.

Seven New Images From The Descent: Part 2!

The still photographer on The Descent: Part 2, Ollie Upton, just uploaded a set of badass stills to his official site, which you can see below. You may recall the sequel picks up with the only survivor from their run-in with the cave-dwelling monstrosities being dragged back to the site of her worst nightmares to help look for her missing friends.